Microsoft At E3 Wasn’t THAT Bad

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''Microsoft have been limping around for quite a while now when it comes to their own exclusive games. While they do retain the likes of Forza (which also made appearance, again I’ll cover this later), Gears of War and Halo they have been looking a little thin on the ground at recent E3s. This year was no different.

While there wasn’t as much focus on Kinect games, there was a large focus on the 360 as a entertainment hub. This was a major theme for Microsoft last year and again it was a priority at E3 2012. This got a lot of gamers a little…annoyed and some what disgruntled.''

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Linko642237d ago

Smart glass sounds cool. Usher likes i too.

Chuk52237d ago

Man, Usher was just bad.

I like smart glasses concept though.

And Halo 4 and tomb raider looked great.

GamerEuphoria2237d ago

While we the writer doesn't like Ushers music his role was simply advertising and a PR stunt of sorts. So not to much of annoying thing. Plus Toby from Youtube is much worse than Usher.

Persistantthug2237d ago

I guess.

*I wish this was sarcasm....but unfortunately it's not*

wray772237d ago

MS set a bad tone for a lackluster e3. All the big hardware companies had their faults. Wonderbook was the worst thing at the show (for me people)...and Nintendoland, should have started the show so people could have left with Thoughts of an HD Mario.

guitarded772237d ago

Microsoft actually had a really good line-up of games to show. They started off great with the Halo 4 trailer and demo, but after that everything just felt choppy and non cohesive. They had the stuff to show, just didn't do a great job showing it.

Acekidder2237d ago

Usher coming on was a face palm moment for me but gears judgement and forza horizon looked great and halo 4 was jaw dropping :) touch glass was a really cool feature cant wait to play around with that finally have a true smart tv without spending loads on a new set genius MS.

Disccordia2237d ago

Initially I felt it was fairly disappointing but having seen the rest it wasn't too bad. MS shouldn't be relying on others to have a bad showing though so they must still do much more in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.