Sony: No PS4 at E3 because “we don’t need to talk about that yet”

The PS3 has so many games coming that Sony couldn’t even fit them all into their E3 conference, says Scott Rohde, and that’s why there was no mention of the PlayStation 4, though development on titles for the next-gen platform is already underway.

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MariaHelFutura2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

1. You guys could have skipped 7/8ths of the Wonderbook presentation and showed more games.

2. I would have liked the hear about the PS4 at E3 but its all good, I think we'll hear about it sooner than later.

GamingPerson2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I wish I could extract information from is head.
That is kinda weird to say though huh?

d0nT wOrrY2264d ago

LOL ya it's weird but nice idea though, just like Watch Dogs, I manage to hack his head and extract all the next-gen information XD

ChiVoLok02263d ago

I'm almost certaian they will reveal it in the upcoming TGS.

zeeshan2263d ago

I absolutely love my PS3 and 360 but to be honest, the 6-7 years old hardware is starting to show its age in an ugly way. See, that WATCH DOGS game, it looks amazing and I dead sure that the footage was from PC version of the game and can never get them king of graphics on our consoles. Similarly, compare BF3 on PC and then on consoles, the difference is huge.

I know that there will always be a difference between PC/Consoles but that gap is looking bigger than ever before and we need new hardware to see even more exciting stuff!

Imagine, THE LAST OF US, UNCHARTED, BEYOND, WATCH DOGS and Assassins Creed running on PS4!!! *dreams away*

ArtificiallyYours2263d ago

Maybe the same date they first announced the Vita, back when it was the "NGP".

decrypt2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


Its not hard to see why they arent annoucing a PS4 or a next Xbox, both of them want to be holding the industry back. While they rake in profits.

Next gen when PS4 is out, you will be saying the same thing again very shortly, hell when current consoles were released they were using mid range pc hardware, the next consoles are rumored to use low end pc hardware just so MS and Sony can profit day one. Hence next gen will probably start with consoles lagging behind by a fair margin.

Crysis was released back in 2007 just a year after the consoles, it still pretty much blows anything the consoles can do out the water and thats not with todays modern hardware. It would do the same running on a 8800GTX. So yea you can hope the next consoles close the gap, but the truth is thats not gonna happen.

irepbtown2263d ago

“It was just something we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year”

He indirectly said they will announce it next E3 or an event next year. No news on PS4 from Sony at all in 2012.

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snake-OO2264d ago

I think they will hold there own conference for ps4 like they did with ps vita.

LiViNgLeGaCY2263d ago

Wait, they held a conference just for the Vita?! When was this?! And where the heck was I?!? =0

BitbyDeath2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I think snake means when they announced it

fei-hung2263d ago

I think the safe bet would be to guestimate the announcement for ps4 and next xbox to be after their last big game release to ensure sales for their big title(s) dont get affected e.g after last of us, after Halo4, after Forza Horizon etc

The brilliance in all of this is how Sony and MS will counter the WiiU with next gen tech and what deal Sony and MS will make between them if MS choose to go with BluRay.

Halo selling 8million copies would then be good for Sony too! Does this mean they may trade tech e.g Skype.

Either way, next gen isnt far off imo. There was no Killzone4, Forza5, GT6, GoW4 and it seems like all major games are to be released before xmas holiday season next year.

GuyThatPlaysGames2263d ago

There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for a PS4 console to come out within the next few years!

S_C2263d ago

I think both MS and Sony have to show them next year

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Snookies122264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

They're saying that the PS3 still has life in it, and that's evident based on that footage of Beyond and Last of Us. Also, Sony is having some pretty major financial issues right now with their stocks plummeting. I think they're going to want to ride on the PS3 at least another year or two before even discussing PS4 in my opinion. They simply don't have the resources right now to be pumping out a huge new system. (We all know Sony, it's going to be really powerful and expensive. Which means it would be costly for them to manufacture it as well.)

Shaman2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Before even discussing? Not sure if you are serious. Everyone knows new consoles are coming next E3. Look at 1313, Watch Dogs and newest engines from Epic and Square Enix. They know its coming and they are gearing up. 1st party studios, GG, SSM and MS Vancouver have been hiring stuff for next gen for a year now.

If they don't even think about discussing it like you said, they are better without gaming than because it will be far to late. No body is going to wait for anyone of them to come up with their system if they are far to late.

Nextbox and PS4 are going to get announced next year, there is no doubt about that.

LightofDarkness2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Yep, Unreal Engines tend to be demo'd about 1 year before new platforms are announced. Epic have stated that new Unreal Engines don't become so until the next generation of consoles are upon us.

eg. UE3 Unveiling: March 2004, X360 Unveiling: May 2005

UE4 is to be unveiled tomorrow.

Snookies122264d ago

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that lol! I actually meant before revealing anything to the public. I'm sure they're already working on it, there's no doubt there. It's just that they wouldn't want to start manufacturing anything right now because of the issues they're facing at the moment.

Persistantthug2264d ago

Those games are coming THIS generation on the PS3 and XBOX 360.

If anything it shows that this generation is going to continue on for a couple more years.

Personally, as I saw BEYOND and THE LAST OF US........I'm totally good with that.

Just sayin.

vickers5002264d ago


Yeah, but I think when they announced the Watch Dogs platforms, they said it will be on the ps3, 360, and pc "SO FAR".

Which implies that Watch Dogs may be coming to ps4, 720.

Persistantthug2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

something way more than it is......

dude, that's officially dragging yourself into the realm of "HOPES & DREAMS", and you really should stop doing that to yourself.

"SO FAR" could mean anything, vickers500.

How about MAC?
How about smartphones?
HOW about a tablet?
How about VITA?

All those are FAAAAARRRR more likely than the inference-scenereo you're trying to derive out of a "SO FAR" little comment.

Like I said...."HOPES & DREAMS"......stop doing this to yourself bro.

vickers5002264d ago

"dude, that's officially dragging yourself into the realm of "HOPES & DREAMS""

And you're dragging yourself into the realm of denial, when there are tons of signs that point to next gen coming pretty soon (or at least an announcement).

Every E3 Sony always brings their A game, they're constantly announcing game after game, new ones I might add, not already announced games. Yet at this E3, we see only like 2 or 3 new game announcements, one of them being an actual big and serious game (Beyond).

I'm not saying it's a confirmation at all, but it's definitely yet another sign that the next gen is coming.

As for your message, yeah, we have some nice stuff coming, but it's nowhere near as nice as it used to be. Console games have reached their apex. There is nothing left that a console can do to really WOW us like we saw with games such as Killzone or Uncharted 2. This gen has lasted long enough, and I'm ready for better and superior hardware to arrive, because as good as games are right now, they're becoming stagnant and stale in terms of unique experiences.

SilentNegotiator2263d ago

"Look at 1313, Watch Dogs and newest engines from Epic and Square Enix"

What about them? 1313 would have no problem playing on a console, granted it wouldn't be playing on the 680GTX or whatever they showed it on. The gameplay was the crashing ship with only two foreground objects (player and ship) and some debris and some indoor narrow corridor shooting.

Just because they show a demo playing on a veritable supercomputer with the effects and textures on ultra-high, doesn't mean that it couldn't run on consoles on realistic settings.

I guess you let Geoff's paid enthusiasm get to you, huh?

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thehitman2264d ago

Shaman you obviously dont understand the financial risks of even exposing that they plan to release a PS4 within the next 2 years. There is a reason MS didnt do it and there is a reason that the Wii sales have plumit after the announcement of the Wii-U.

kneon2264d ago

Well the Wii sales where already plummeting before the announcement, but announcing the Wii U so far ahead of it's release certainly didn't help matters.

sasmanator2264d ago

I don't mind. With games like The Last Of Us, God of War: Ascension, Beyond and All-star Battle Royal and so many other great games coming out, who needs Next-gen?

SuperLupe2264d ago

Wow was that at E3 ?? How did I miss that ..

So its a FF tech demo or something ?

Shaman2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Thats tech demo of new Square Enix engine, for next gen of course. They had presentation, its somewhere on youtube.

They talked about engine tools and simplicity of development. Engine is synced with Maya, and you can change assets on fly from there. It will speed development and bring cost of them down, exactly what Japan needs.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32264d ago

Exactly Shaman! People like that are tad bit delusional. They see that Square Enix tech and yet they still want to linger in this generation of gaming, might I add arrogantly. Smh...

MasterCornholio2264d ago


As much as i loved seeing the demo of the Last of Us and Beyond which i think will be fantastic titles to play. After seeing the Samaritan Demo in HD and that new Final proves to me that we need new consoles. As much as i love the PS3 i know that its old and its hardware is outdated so right now is the perfect time for new hardware to come out.

I dont mean to be critical of Nintendo but they severely dissapointed me with the Wii U because it seems to be a slightly better current Gen console and i was expecting a lot more from them. Hopefully Microsoft and Sony will deliver true next gen systems designed for the hardcore gamer because like i said before the Wii U appears to me as a casual console with slightly than better current gen specs.

Thanks for the Video Shaman.

Kran2263d ago

Its not that people need it.

Its the fact that people want it.

And people just don't know how to wait.

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Chuk52264d ago

PS3 still has life in it.
Vita sells are taking up most of their focus because they haven't been very strong. They're not really in a position to talk unless MS does.

One battle at a time.