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VGR: What I was really impressed with though is the new weapons you have at your disposal, from the badass sniper rifle we saw int he demo which can shoot right through objects when fully charged. Or the fact that you have drone controls on your wrist allowing you to lay cover fire or just take out enemies trying to hide. Black Ops 2 seems to maintain the series fast pace intense action many gamers have come to love.

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trickman8882302d ago

Just another boring Call of Duty game.

ACBAA2302d ago

Just another boring comment.

yodawins2302d ago

the game sucks and cant compete against medal of honor.

Siren302301d ago

You know the game sucks because you played it and medal of honor? I'm sure black ops 2 will have no trouble outselling medal of honor by millions.

PS4OUR2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Its the same Call of Duty. Just a different setting. What is exciting about that. I'd rather see what Warfighter has instore for us. Hoping something new or atleast different.
Gezus, is no1 getting tired of the same crap every year? At this rate Call of Duty canm be DLC coz its rinse and repeat and the sad thing is the game gets a free pass all the time where other games get slaughtered for even attempting something innovative and new.