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VGR: I was really impressed with the expansion for Battlefield 3, Armored Kill. Vehicle action is what really sets BF3 apart in the shooter crowd and Armored Kill does a great job showcasing the games vehicular strengths. Look for Armored Kill in September and don’t forget you can get is 2 weeks early by purchasing Battlefield 3 Premium for $49.99, which give you all 5 DLC packs and will save you $25 compared to purchasing each DLC packs separately.

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OneAboveAll2236d ago

You must have missed the joke. The fails on you.

GuyThatPlaysGames2236d ago

Oh yea! I must have missed that OBVIOUS CoD "joke".

OneAboveAll2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Uh.. it's a Battlefield joke. Used to players would spam "Enemy boat spotted". What are you? Retarded?

GuyThatPlaysGames2236d ago

Since when are AC-130's in BF3???? Jackass !!!!

koston36472236d ago

meanwhile.....Close Quarter expansion is completely broken and not working for us PS3 users.

It's been 2 days with no word from Dice or EA about the problem.

blink30202236d ago

Just re-download Close Quarters and you should be all good. Worked for me today.

atticus142236d ago

I can already see my love/hate relationship with this DLC. Going to be fun when you blow the crap out of vehicles, but not so fun when your the one being focused fired by several tanks and helis.

I havent played since the most recent patch but 1 Heli already melts a tank and the mounted gun on the tank is actually worse then a hand held weapon...its sad.