The Last Guardian “not going to ship till it’s perfect” – Sony VP

The Last Guardian is “absolutely” going to come out, and Scott Rohde is “proud” that Sony are prepared to take so long over a game to make sure it reaches “perfection”.

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Lior2147d ago

So when will perfection arrive?

solidjun52147d ago

According to what I read on the Eurogamer's site, it's a 2013 game. Don't know exactly when. :-/

JellyJelly2147d ago

Isn't that what they said about GT5 as well?

OhMyGandhi2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@ Lior

When Duke Nukem Forever 2 comes out.

ATi_Elite2147d ago

Ok it has until 2013! PS4 is gonna be 2014

So therefore after 2013 and you would need to make a PS4 and Ps3 version or lose any promotion for it to PS4 games.

They need to hurry up if they want the dam game to make money cause once Xbox 720 hits things are gonna change rapidly.

you don't want a good game to get washed a way in a wave of new hardware. seen it many times with PS2 and Ps3.

mugoldeneagle032147d ago

They'll tout it as that as well. And I honestly bet it'll be pretty damn good.

Why? Because Sony's been in this position before with Killzone 2, and compared to all of the shit that went through I'd say it exceeded expectations, whether the game was perfect or not (obviously not)

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v0rt3x2147d ago

I'm fine with that. I don't want a half baked game.

MWH2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"half baked game?" do you know for how long this has been in the oven? i'm affraid that under very high expectations we might get a half burned game instead.

during the PS2's lifespan we got 2 great games, it's almost 5 years and we're yet to see anything from team-ico!

i'm confident the game will be another great achievement but please get it done you fucking lazy asses so that you can make another game for this generation consoles.

LarVanian2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Well as the saying goes, "no game is perfect". I, like many others, just want a damn good game from ICO. It doesn't necessarily need to be perfect. If it is on the same level as ICO and SOTC then that'll be enough for me :).

MWH2147d ago

very well said buddy.

mewhy322147d ago

Well actually they're having 'technical' problems with development. I read an interview on eurogamer.

Redempteur2147d ago

when it'll be perfect enough ...

Convas2147d ago

Last time I heard this was from Polyphony with GT5. Anybody remember how long that wait was?

Rainstorm812147d ago

too long.....but i loved the final game

ProjectVulcan2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yeah who let Kazunori Yamauchi give advice to the last guardian devs on release schedules? Muppets! Look what he did to them! :)

FinaLXiii2147d ago

And the wait was worth it best racer sim this gen.

SuperLupe2147d ago

And at the end of the day it was very far from perfect. It was even the worst GT game quality wise.

Redempteur2147d ago

Well they did well enough as it floored the competition ..

Shadow Flare2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

GT5 features about double the content, features and race types of previous GT's, and included huge first time features like online racing, damage, weather and interior views to the franchise. It includes almost every form of popular motor racing. In fact the closest other racing "sim" on the console market only has half of GT5's content.

If you think GT5 is poor quality wise, stick to a racer that gives you less. A game is always easier to polish when it has less in it

SuperLupe2147d ago

No use having quantity if its all half baked. I'll take less if it means more.

And Im not even talking about sims here. It applies to any genre, I prefer a sweet 10 hour campaign to an average 20 hour campaign.

Shadow Flare2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

That's your opinion. Gran Turismo is known for it's very realistic driving physics. That's why it sells so well, and that's where the quality is for me.

I buy GT because it's a racing sim. And GT5 gave me the most realistic driving experience I've had on a console. So with that combined with every race genre, weather, night, damage, online, track editor, hundreds of the most highly detailed cars on any console game, not only does it improve heavily on previous Gran Turismo's, it stands alone as a high quality game

Hicken2147d ago

And at the end of the day, you're still a troll.

GT5 still offered more than any other racing sim out there, especially a console sim. For all the momentum and advertising, its nearest competitor offered half(if that) the features, and has had a pretty poor showing, thus far.

I'd say the results speak for themselves.

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Adva2147d ago

Well obviously the Japan Studio faced difficulties with the game. Lots of changes happened, teams went to Japan to help make the game. Things had to be reworked. It will take time.

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