Nintendo: The End

After an awful E3 press conference, Could it signal the end of the big N?

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Al802299d ago

Could it signal the end of the big N?

No, it couldn't

Emilio_Estevez2299d ago

They aren't going anywhere. They basically have piles of cash lying around from the Wii. So even if things don't go well with the WiiU they have that and they still have the 3DS.

richierich2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Lets see some hardcore games big N

Casso772299d ago

They don't have Activision, which I guess could be a god send, saves the Wii U being bludgeoned to death with Call of Duty and Modern Warfare titles

Timmer2299d ago

They could have Activision. There's a rumor that they've got Blizzard on board for a console Diablo 3 and an unannounced title. If they've got Blizzard, they've got Activision.

CommonSenseGamer2299d ago

Funny, COD is seen as a bad thing yet it sells and could also be what pulls the Vita back from the brink of failure.

jacksonmichael2299d ago

Well... They survived E3 2008...

Rrobba2299d ago

Of course not. People need to realise that Nintendo has TONS of cash stored after the success of the Wii and DS. Besides the Wii U hasn't launched yet - there are months for Nintendo to announce new games for Wii U. And even if the Wii U starts slow it can still recover (see the 3DS) as I am expecting the Vita to do once Call of Duty and AC are released for it.

Was Nintendo's E3 2012 presentation terrible? Absolutely. But so was their 2008 one and they survived. So was Microsoft's 2010, 2011 and 2012 ones and they survived, and so was Sony's 2006 one and they survived.

So I say: criticise Nintendo (as I will) because they NEED to wake up. But, understand that they have a lot of life left and give them a chance to actually launch the Wii U and bring out some solid games for it. Also, we do have the 3DS conference later today to hopefully get some positive announcements. New Zelda 3D? Hopefully.

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