“Online is the DNA of Watch Dogs” – new multiplayer details teased

Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay has explained who the second character at the end of the Watch Dogs trailer was, hinting at an online system that will blend singleplayer and multiplayer like never before.

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2fk2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

This game looks very promising!

FlashXIII2147d ago

Imagine that an almost MMO like feature set where you'd have one big world where people could connect to and complete various different objectives.. players could then either help each other or take each other down. Could expand it further and have bounty boards for the most troublesome players. Think of it like the Matrix sort of thing.. in 10 years time maybe :(

ginsunuva2147d ago

Yeah at if that whole network of agents we saw at the end of the gameplay demo could be actual players! Like 8 people working in a single world, apart from each other, helping them out.

Psychotica2147d ago

Sounds good as long as other players can't be assholes and interfere with your single player game.

soundslike2147d ago

Given the themes of hacking and subversion...that's probably 90% of the reason it exists.

DarkSymbiote2147d ago

I was interested in the game till I heard this.

TLG19912147d ago

im sorry but did you watch the actual live E3 demo, i thought this was pretty much obvious from the ending of it where it switched to someone else with a name above there head indicating that in fact what was shown was online.

MysticStrummer2147d ago

I became more interested in the game after I heard this.

Sandmano2147d ago

I love the emphasis on Online Multiplayer. Take that MP haters!!! Like I said before Multiplayer is the future of gaming...

FlashXIII2147d ago

Completely agree.. I remember entering a competition about 10-11 years ago where I had to write a 2000 word essay on the future of gaming and the winner would get to spend a summer interning at a codemasters studio.. I went with online console gaming.. never won the competition but was spot on with my predictions.

While there will always be great sp experiences, online is where the innovation will come and I reckon once the technology is there, we'll be seeing a lot more MMO style mp features for the Halos and the Killzones out there.

PS3Freak2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Fuck Multiplayer. This is different than the typical last minute tacked on multiplayer though, so I'm interested.

This game looks amazing.

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