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"Thank you, Ubisoft, for giving us the one real surprise of E3. Yes, there were other, smaller surprises such as J.K. Rowling’s involvement with Wonderbook and Far Cry 3’s extensive co-operative mode but, in terms of actual games, Ubi’s Watch Dogs was essentially, in my opinion anyway, the only really exciting surprise of this year’s E3."

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PersonMan2231d ago

Because they're keeping next gen games under wraps for next year obviously.

TLG19912231d ago

agreed. a quite year for all means big announcements next year. surprised at Microsoft making a whole new set of there exclusives though considering they should be making for next gen now. i mean sony didn't show a new uncharted which will be next gen and no infamous, no killzone,no LBP all the big ones all of which will probably open up next gen for sony

Jreca2231d ago

Too many surprises are counterproductive: you never manage to get the focus as much as you would want, with so many games and new things arround. It's better to get the spotlight for you in a more scalated way (GTA5 will probably do this, after E3 buzz where no one will bother it, as well as other games having their own presentations like Monster Hunter 4).

So I'm happy to see what I saw, what I didn't see and what it's expecting us. After all, it's a growing market and too much would be... too much for us to understand. Let's hope for a steady anouncement rate and having it little by litte.

TLG19912231d ago

the real question is will playstations wonder book support erotic novels o_0

from the beach2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

There was also P-100 from Platinum on Wii U and indeed Zombi U, both look cracking.

Revengeance does too :>

LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel is interesting but details are extremely scarce.

browngamer412231d ago

Yeah I was going to say ZombieU is looking amazing...

BLow2231d ago

It's called the 24 hour news cycle. Back in the day we had monthly magazines for our gaming info. Today, news comes in all day and everyone is trying to get that big story to get hits on their website. I really miss the old days where pretty much everything at E3 was a surprise. If you want to be surprised then block yourself off from gaming news a month or two from E3. That may help. And just jump straight in and watch the conferences and skip the "pregame" commentary all together. Just my 2 cents....

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