Gametrailers - E3 2012 BIg Daddy and Nathan Drake gameplay (cam)

Cam gameplay footage of BIg Daddy and Drake from E3 2012

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LiViNgLeGaCY2180d ago

Wow! Drake actually moves like.....Drake! Lol. The way he jumps and everything! :D

And the Big Daddy played pretty much how I expected. Slow and powerful. Cool vid!

araman2180d ago

Am I the only one watching these noticing a distinct lack of lots of powerups?

Sevir2180d ago

But its nice to see the inclusion of those 2! Next its cole spyro and other :-) I Hope they are in it!

Vettur2179d ago

it didn't lag for me :S

P_Bomb2179d ago

Shoulda had these 2 in the conference demo instead of Parappa & Fat Princess yet again. Something we haven't seen yet.

Vettur2179d ago

I really hope there is more than the few characters that we saw at the menu screen. that would be a total letdown :P

MasterCornholio2179d ago

Theres so many more characters that they could add to the roster.

My suggestions

1. Jak and Daxter
2.Crash Badnicoot
3. Rattchet
4. Captain Quark
5. Tomba
6. Spike (from ape escape)