E3 2012 video: Ubi details Watch Dogs in LA

VG247: Sam Clay sits down with Ubisoft Montreal’s Dominic Guay to chat about the studio’s new IP – and the big surprise of E3 2012 – Watch Dogs.

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claud32235d ago

looks excellent... I wonder how far they have went with this open world next gen game

BossPerson2235d ago

Online in a story mode? Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!

Sandmano2235d ago

The MP sounds EPIC!! Anyone can be a player!? Kinda like Assassins creed in a city with guns and cars and hacking tools! Sounds too good to be true! You could mess up guys goals just for the fun of it!? This is one of my dream games I hope this comes out next year!!

GoldenGamer2235d ago

Why are people parading this as next gen when it's been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360? That's not next gen.

Olvipoika2235d ago

It is next gen for pc^^

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