New Dead Space 3 Trailer Revealed

Following the official revelation of Dead Space 3 at this week’s ongoing Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, publisher Electronic Arts has revealed a brand new trailer for the forthcoming videogame. Dead Space 3 is currently in development at Visceral Games and is set for release early next year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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v0rt3x2116d ago

Really looking forward to this!

Daver2115d ago

what did they disappointing. Wheres Dead Space 3?

DeadSpaced2115d ago

What's so disappointing?

Daver2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

That it is not Dead Space... Even the new Lost Planet looks more like Dead Space than Dead Space 3 itself.

FunAndGun2115d ago

screw you and your co-op BS!


You should check the IGN interview here: 5t2tSw&feature=g-user-u
they confirm That CO-OP is totally optional, and there will be no AI follower,
so we will be playing only by Isaac. Go check the interview mate.

FunAndGun2115d ago

yes, it is optional but that doesn't mean crap.

You can't make a proper single player game with the option to play as co-op. You need to make a co-op game FIRST and then make it playable in SP.

The STORY involves Clarke and Carver, the story doesn't change from SP to co-op. so basically, EVERYTHING was made first with two players in mind and then they took out Carver to make it an optional single player game.

DeadSpaced2115d ago

They said in an interview that there won't be an AI following you around if you play singleplayer. You can still have the original DS experience.

TrueGaming2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

They said in an interview that the entire game could be played by yourself with NO AI partner if you wanted to so why get your panties in a bunch if you don't get the whole story or in your case not watch E3 interviews? OT I think it looks good but am REALLY hoping it doesn't go action over SURVIVAL HORROR (which we all know is damn near extinct for reasons unknown) but just to note that the dev still said its still survival horror & has scarce items etc ... Here's hoping LONG LIVE GAMING!!


DeadSpaced2115d ago

Lol it's all good. Just as long as people start spreading the word. I was disappointed until I wanted the interview. I want everyone to be excited about it. :D

FunAndGun2115d ago

The whole game is made built around co-op. yes, you CAN play the game solo, but the STORY is the same..and that includes the addition of Carver. It is basically playing a co-op game by yourself.

You can't just make a single player story with the option to play as two. It has to be the other way around; a co-op story with the option to play as one.

"Co-op truly is a different experience. It's arguably superior to single-player. The story and key characters are the same, but the interactions unfold in an appropriate new fashion."

sorry but Dead Space 3's co-op overrides the single player.

TrueGaming2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Where in Batmans cave did you come to that assumption? Seeing how you took an outta context quote and put your own view to make it seem like one overides the other when the only real way to "overide" the singleplay is to have a tag along AI follow you aka RE5 & it seems to me that they actually went the smarter route and included another personality instead of making it Halo 1 style with 2 master chiefs (one of which was never explained how he was apart of the games story). For all we know the co-op could have different scenarios (ie different story branches etc etc) when he said "unfolds in a new fashion" just because they haven't even spilt the beans on how co-op plays out ... see what I did there? Btw if you wanted the to state it 's more action then survival horror then your point would've been valid but even though you're entitled to your opinion as is eveyone else, you good sir sound as if its your time of the month & ragging on DS3 with a false preset of knowledge that is what it is... not fact..just your wrong opinion :)

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