Microsoft: exclusive DLC isn't just about cash, third parties love Xbox Live

Microsoft's Chris Lewis comments on Xbox 360's "first class" E3 line-up.

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Solid_Snake372182d ago

Yeah, the minute you mention the GTA DLC they lose all their credibility

JokesOnYou2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Hate all you want the truth is micro's strategy this Gen of getting more content from 3rd party devs on big name franchises whether timed or not has sent a message that 360 version more often then not is the one to get. 360 usually sells alot more software for multiplats and its pushing hardware numbers ahead in America/UK and pretty close to Sony worldwide, this approach of "targeting" games has worked out pretty well for them judging by the facts, not emotion, the ones who are butthurt are the ones loyal to the other console, so why should micro care about them crying anyway?

Lazy_Sunday2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Not to mention the fact that they still tank their own platform because 0% proceeds go to them when you make a Windows game unless it comes with that draconian GFW DRM.

It's only about greed, no one is that coy. Third parties love XBL because Microsoft pays them off. MS severely pissed off everyone who plays Skyrim on PC, you think that PC gamers want to fork over cash to pay for a shitty (no offense) 6-year old platform with a $50/yearly online fee when they have the goliath of gaming experiences at their fingertips? No, they don't. Surprised Microsoft doesn't do timed PC/360 exclusivity if it really wants to get Live off the ground--they might gain some PC gaming traction--but no. They could have cross platform play on almost every game that plays on Windows and 360... but no.

Why? Because they think it wouldn't make them enough money. Until something can be proven profitable, Microsoft won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

I'm not a Sony fanboy, I'm not a PC enthusiast, I'm not an Xbot. I'm just someone who understands that for the past two decades, Microsoft has been one of, if not the biggest epitome of greed in this country, and every time it opens it's mouth you hear how ignorant they think that you, the consumer, really are.

Christopher2181d ago

Perhaps it's not about cash for Microsoft, but it sure is about cash for the people who are getting paid for the Exclusive DLC.

Thatguy-3102181d ago

If it's not about cash then why bother paying them then to release DLC first on xbox?

himdeel2181d ago

Microsoft: exclusive DLC isn't just about Xbox Live, third parties love cash.


GraveLord2181d ago

Let's see how much 3rd paties "love xbox live" when Microsoft stops paying for timed exclusives.

fermcr2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Everybody does exclusive DLC. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo... or do you guys think it's only Microsoft that pays for exclusive DLC, and companies offer exclusive DLC to Sony and Nintendo for free ? Don't tell me you are that naive.

EDIT below...
"Except this is not exclusive dlc but timed dlc, big big difference."
So i guess Sony did't pay EA for BF3 DLC timed exclusive? Now be a man and apologise.

despair2181d ago

Except this is not exclusive dlc but timed dlc, big big difference.

Moby-Royale2181d ago

The thing is... this article is discussing Microsoft. That is the topic. Something that Microsoft said.

You are mentioning Harry Potter when we are are talking about The Lord of The Rings.

Similarities? Sure. But that isn't the topic at hand.

Now.... "be a man and apologize".

(That was awfully rude of you, btw)

fermcr2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

"Now.... "be a man and apologize".
(That was awfully rude of you, btw) "

You do realise that it was a joke ? Sarcasm ?
If you took offence then:

Now be a man and apologise. /s

theclaw2181d ago

We don't know. Most supposed paid DLC is never actually proven to be that. Or even then, if the console maker is who paid out.

These deals when they occur, are done behind closed doors heavily defended under NDA agreements.

Christopher2181d ago

@fermcr: I will not disagree with that. But, there is definitely a larger push for it from Microsoft's side. Many people bring it up because they feel the money used to obtain those could go to making a new and unique IP for the console rather than obtaining 'timed' exclusivity.

dcbronco2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Who cares if MS pays for DLC. If it gets more people to buy a copy of the title on their system it worked for them. It is the equivalent of playing with someones kids or having your own. If you have your own it will cost a lot of money. Food, school, babysitters, toys. A niece or nephew might cost you a few presents and meals, but it ain't the same.

Getting any kind of advantage on a title that you know will sell is better than taking the risk of buying and supporting whole companies. If they make some major titles it's great. But any gamer knows that most companies don't make a lot of money. That's why so many have gone out of business.

And while I do applaud Sony for introducing new things like Beyond. The facts are that people usually don't buy most new games. Or many of the exclusives they have put out.

raytraceme2181d ago

Sony paid for free bf1943 for ps3 owners but ea had issues I guess, and gave ps3 players early dlc instead.

Also bcbronco, it's gamers that think like you who are messing up the gaming industry. Sorry but sales are for shareholders. Games are for gamers and in my eyes sony is far bigger than microsoft in terms of games.

dcbronco2181d ago

Actually raytraceme it's probably more likely guys like you. I just have enough sense to know that the companies have to be supported in order to survive. I'm not sure what world you and many others, live in where a company or person can just spend as much as they want and have no consequences. Company after company fails because they make games that don't sell and people like you demand more exclusives. And you're incapable of putting two and two together still.

I understand that companies are taking a risk. That paying for exclusives or DLC that is a sure thing is smarter than building from scratch all of the time. You have to be selective to continue to be in business(may not apply to MS, but they aren't a charity). THQ wishes you would put money behind your post. Sony wishes you would buy more of those exclusives they put million into and hundreds of millions into acquiring the companies that make them.

raytraceme I don't know how much you make. But try going on a spending spree for the rest of your life and see how long it takes for you to end up on the street. Or look at this list of 2009 revenue for the top 25 gaming companies.


Then add taxes, development cost, personnel, benefits and other things. Not a lot of profit for most of those companies. And then people like you think they should go on a spending spree. Sony show revenue of almost 2 billion but I know gaming didn't make much profit for all of that. So what do you think that means for the smaller companies.

People like you are going to talk us into a handful of AAA titles year. We're practically there already. With a few small companies and a few large companies. And that's when the Bobby Koticks of the world will get their wish and start charging $80 for games.

Do what you like. But I will be give companies time to make some money as they advance. I do, however, want new consoles every few years. From that standpoint, they need to push ahead as soon as possible.

dirigiblebill2181d ago

"Do what you like. But I will be give companies time to make some money as they advance."

Hear hear.

dcbronco2180d ago

dirigiblebill too many live in a fantasy world where mommy and daddy do everything for them. They don't understand the concept of bills. They believe companies can keep making games, have few buy them and they will be able to do it forever. The reality of so many companies going out of business and the reasons for it seem to allude them. Said state of affairs.

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sourav932181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So MS, for the next major AAA multi-platform game, if you can achieve to get exclusive DLC or even a timed DLC for the 360, WITHOUT paying extra, only then will I believe you, and then straight after, I will go hunting for leprechauns whilst I ride my unicorn.

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MariaHelFutura2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Because as it turns out, feeding trolls is good for business. Gaming is not about games anymore, its about the psychological/emotional connection to a single console. They know this.... And like all things that can be exploited, it will be.

KwietStorm2181d ago

Where is the bubble for good psychological input

2181d ago
SilentNegotiator2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

"Game journalism is not about reporting game news and communication anymore, its about getting attention through means of lies (via "insider sources"), exaggeration, and psychological warfare.....and pleasing big publishers with infinite praise and high scores, so that they receive content, early copies, and interviews instead of being blacklisted"

Fixed. It's more about big business than fandom.

extermin8or2182d ago

yeah soo the dev's and publishers are choosing to potentially reduce sales by selling to a smaller customer base, or alienate some fans who take offence at exclusive dlc because they "like" XBL a service that is almost the same in terms of contenet as the psn yet one is free.... (exluding xgame chat/x home parties)

v0rt3x2182d ago

I smell an Olive Branch

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