Top 7 Fails of E3 2012

Have you missed all those embarrassing moments and meme's in the making from E3 2012? Here they are all in one place.

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2235d ago
andibandit2234d ago

How is Reggie adressing his former quote "My body is ready" a fail?. It was a joke and people laughed and cheered. I think it was cool.

gamer78042234d ago

i didn't think usher or the wreckateer was that bad.

abzdine2234d ago

what did we see about the game ? what can DC3 do more than the first one ?

gamer78042232d ago

I think showing a decent game is not the same as a fail. Sure something better or worse could be shown but it wasn't a fail in my opinion.

StreetsofRage2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

This site and article wins biggest Fail!

abzdine2234d ago

I'm sorry but when they don't show a live demo of a game then it's a fail for me. For me all these CG type of "gameplay" is all but FAIL, and all these Kinect voice controls are also fail because they just dont work if a person doesn't have a perfect american accent and if you want to use voice control when someone is sleeping nearby -_-' that's a complete waste imo.

abzdine2234d ago

i dont see wonderbook as a fail just because there was a moment where it didnt work, we all remember zelda Wii last year and the game implements motion controls at their best. At least the demo was LIVE and not something like this :

insomnium22234d ago

I can't get enough of Kinect fails. It is so obvious what MS has done these past years with Kinect and still people buy Kinects and cheer for MS. It makes me feel....confused. Is it even OK to laugh about this?

StreetsofRage2234d ago

Why all the hate? Just Dance for Kinect is a fun experience especially with the opposite sex. It's one of the few games that actually a whole family can enjoy. You call that a fail? Just because you hate it and it's a fail? Their are millions of children and mothers who love this game and every single one of them would probably hate Halo or Uncharted.

Kudos to MS for giving everybody what they want.

insomnium22234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Kudos to MS for abandoning their ~40 million install base for casual money.

You don't have the slightest idea how MS were in the beginning of this gen according to your comment.

Just like someone brilliantly said it once MS is just like a child with a notebook. Happened with 1080p and HDMI. Happened with "it's all about the games". Happened with HD-DVD.

Each time MS forces their most loyal customers to pay for these brainfarts they come up with. One second it's this and then the other second they make a 180 turn and think the exact opposite. "Wait DDL is the future now? But I thought you sold me this HD-DVD-drive with a commitment more than skin deep....". This happens also without an obvious REASON (so there's no point in bringing other OS in this) and ends up hurting only their customers. It always does so why the hate you ask? Take your pick.

I'm pretty sure this will be marked as trolling but you asked so here it is.

StreetsofRage2233d ago

Lmao! What???

Dude, you need to relax and get some sunshine. It's not that serious.

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