Sony says no to PS Vita price cut

Sony has said no to a PS Vita price cut.
Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer that the Japanese company is happy with Vita's current price - despite it struggling to sell.

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jujubee882174d ago

This is the worst move possible.

longcat2174d ago

not having games (compelling) for a gaming system is the worst possible move

bakagaijin782174d ago

^ This.

And it also needs to be able to play all PS1 classics available in the PS store since this would instatntly provide a ton of content for it. I'm pretty shocked this hasn't been fully implemented yet & I'm sure I'm not the only one who is a little leary of the 'coming this summer' promise.

I'd really like to be able to play Parasite Eve & Silent Hill on my Vita...

Sorrow242174d ago

I honestly think they only made that announcement to try to keep Vita users from just trading in their stuff. But I guess they didn't expect such a backlash.

Wonderbook should have been shown at TGS or something. That 30something minutes would have been great to at least put a 5 minute montage of games coming to Vita.

Awesome_Gamer2174d ago

The price is not turning people off from the Vita, it's the lack of AAA games on the Vita (except for Uncharted:GA) that made people hold-off on buying one

himdeel2174d ago

So how about lower prices for the memory cards?!

miyamoto2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Maybe they will drop the game retail prices. You know the 99 cents PS Mobile games. maybe PS1 games will be $1.50.

That is a great move!

Maybe they will bundle lots of stuff
like memory cards, games, accessories.

More apps, more features, functionality

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MariaHelFutura2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

First off I don't own a Vita. The Vita has been out for 4 months and hasn't got a lot of software currently (like most platforms after 4 months), Sony shouldn't drop the price until it has a lot of great software and still isn't selling well. If anything they should give a price cut to the memory cards. Entitlement is becoming the cancer of the gaming industry and is slowly killing it.

Information Minister2174d ago

That has to be one of the best comments I've ever seen on N4G. The fact that it makes so much sense is probably the reason why it feels so out of place here.

FriedGoat2174d ago

Why would Sony want to sell the Vita at a loss? I called this with all the idiotic price drop predictions. The Vita is priced perfectly with the quality of the device.

extermin8or2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Yes finally someone else with a brain that can use simple logic :D why would you want your console to sell millions if each one makes a loss? *cough Dark Souls*cough* you don't; and I;m pretty sure nintendo can tell you that :p when they do drop the price however if they are smart they'll have loads of new games, although I'm still expecting some proper AC:liberations gameplay and some of that COD soon.... Although the price is actually very reasonable for what you get it's worth the price and the memory cards are a null point as most places have unofficial bundles that net you things like a free memory card when you buy one :p alfter all I got a free 8gb :D

Sorrow242174d ago

Vita needs a price drop because the 3DS got one when Nintendo messed their paints when they saw the Vita's price.

You could tell that the 3DS was WAY overpriced because Nintendo though Vita would be like $300~350.

Vita should have been $500 then dropped suddenly to $250. That way the whining kids could stop their crying and think they were getting a deal like with the 3DS.

Dread2174d ago

I thought Sony sold the PS3 at a lost for the first few years.

Dont they do that to gain market share and then make the money back with software and periferals etc...?

I thought that was a very common thing for new consoles

GribbleGrunger2174d ago

stop thinking like fans and start thinking like a company. Sony make money from PS2, PSP and PS3s, why the hell would they want to lose money on the Vita by dropping the price? only fanboys think in terms of 'winning'. Sony thinks in terms of making a profit. the Vita will begin to sell better when more games are released.

short term thinking is what has caused Microsoft to concentrate on casuals and drop hardcore. it might help them in the short term but it will hurt them in the long term. this is why Nintendo are going to have a hard time selling the Wiiu.

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chasegarcia2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Sony (-_-)

you break you buy. no no price cut.

user77927882174d ago

even worse then loosing 50$+ on every Vita sold...?

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cpayne932174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Man I was hoping for a revision for the 3ds and a dropped price for the Vita, but I got neither. I had a feeling the Vita wouldn't drop yet though, it's too early.

fucadastates2174d ago

i will go for a price drop at gamescom i eu

Ron_Danger2174d ago

If it gets a price drop, it'll be around October or November

ddurand12174d ago

it needs that must buy game more than a price cut. there arent any must buy games coming out till the fall.

im enjoying all the psp games i never played and stardust right now though.

Freshnikes2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Gravity rush next week, resistance is fun as hell, uncharted, mortal kombat I know is a port but if u don't have it awesome game,FIFA,marvel vs capcom, this thing has games trust me it has picked up a lot since launch I use to say needs games but not anymore. Unit 13, Raymond origins,etc,etc, $250 $300 is alot of $$ for handheld ps3 is like $200 Xbox with kinect bundle is like $200 so I could see ppl passing this up on a tight budget. But the no games on vita. Child please

ddurand12174d ago

there are games on vita, but there arent must play games. I own a vita, i know whats available. I am thoroughly enjoying the psp catalog right now.

The must play games arent there yet though. its early, and i am optimistic about its future.

one2thr2174d ago

The vita doesn't need a price drop, what it needs is a system update and lower price for memory cards... Fun fact when I offered to trade my 8gig on for a 32gig vita card, Gamestop only offered 6 bucks for it(store credit) so I bought the 16gig instead... What a rip off

Fyflin2174d ago

This doesn't affect me as I already have a Vita but it shows that Sony are confident in their product. It's a shame that they decided not to back this up with some stellar software at E3 though.

Captain Tuttle2174d ago

After their E3 conference "confidence" is not a word that springs to mind when thinking about the Vita.

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