Dead or Alive gets new guest character, trailer and “Premium Sexy Costumes”

Tecmo Koei announce another Virtua Fighter character for Dead or Alive 5 along with a special collectors edition.

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claud32235d ago

more of the same and less of the stuff we want

jack_burt0n2235d ago

no that is re6, dead or live is still a fighting game.

Jreca2235d ago

I will accept it as a fighting game once i've tried it.

Redempteur2235d ago

many people have already tried it and are happy with the alpha results already ...

Hicken2235d ago

Who is "we," and what do "we" want? Your comment was pointless if only because you didn't say anything of worth.

claud32235d ago

If you look, its DOA beach volley ball costumes

Grimhammer002235d ago

I like how tecmo talk'd up how the game was steering away from the sexual objecting - yet sells bikini outfits.

WetN00dle692235d ago

Team Ninja is a shadow of its former self. Team Ninja started dying once Itagaki-san left the team.