'Hatsune Miku' bringing synthesized vocal music gaming to North American Vita

JC Fletcher: "In Japan, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is a big enough game to command its own Vita hardware bundle, featuring a special-edition console and everything."

"In North America, it's something I randomly happened upon in Sony's E3 2012 booth, completely unheralded and unexplained."

"This difference in status makes sense, given that it's a music game about, starring, and featuring music by a virtual anime idol with a synthesized voice."

"In Japanese."

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Reibooi2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Joystiq just published another article saying that despite there being a demo at E3 the game is not planned for a north american release and was intended as a sneak peek for the Japanese release.

KonaBro2264d ago

It's to show the game off and see if it gets any support. I'm sure it will with the millions of Miku fans in the US.

nyobzoo2264d ago

well the US Miku concert last year did sell out, so I'm sure Sega knows there's a fanbase out here. I wouldn't even mind if it's just a DL title only

Reibooi2264d ago

there are a ton of miku fans in the US for sure and I'm one of them however I don't know if many of those fans have access to go to a trade show like E3 so I don't think it's the smartest place to gauge interest on the game.

Still I hope they release it in the US at some point. It really would not be to hard. Just translate the interface and done no one wants the songs changed or anything so it would be pretty easy to make and they could probably even release it as a PSN only download but somehow I doubt we will see it. One can hope though.

AgreeFairy2264d ago

Lame. I'd rather have Parappa the Rapper 3 for PS3. The Hatsune Miku games are terrible.