E3 Reaction: Microsoft vs. Sony: The Console War Is Over, For Now

Eurogamer: Both companies have new goals and the contrasts yesterday illustrated them.

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okmrman2235d ago

tell that to the dumb fanboys

Cosmit2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Their skull is too thick to process this kind of information.

Dlacy13g2235d ago

Haha... yeah, I am not thinking that message has been heard here at N4G.

VINNIEPAZ2235d ago

Console Wars are for idiots anyways. So the logic is "Buy 1 system and hope the rest fail". That's just stupid as a gamer, wanting game companies to fail. Personally I buy all the systems, sit back and play what the hell I want no matter what system. If u can only get 1 system, love it and leave the other ones alone and stop hating on them. Really people...

Fylus2235d ago

Agreed. I only own a PS3, but that doesn't mean I'm just gunna hate on everything else. That would just be stupid and ignorant.

Godmars2902235d ago

The Xbox: Focused on being a cable box while cruising on Halo, COD 3rd party DLC.

The PS3: Sales numbers only real issues. That and Last Guardian.

The WiiU: More concerned with casual over hardcore. Another one relying on 3rd party.

miyamoto2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

To make a long read short this is what Eurogamer said:
"If there's one big positive to take away from Microsoft and Sony's conferences, perhaps it's that, because Microsoft showing less interest in Sony will be much healthier for the traditional games industry overall."

M$ is going for Nintendo crowd this time-where the easy money is at. Sony is just doing what it has been doing since PS1.

hellvaguy2234d ago


People in this forum were refering to fanboys like you who present a narrow minded view and claim them to be 100% the "truth".

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hennessey862235d ago

The console war was for sheep who devote there lives to a company :/ I just enjoy gaming and I don't care which platform they are on.

Hanuman2235d ago

Ha, Ha, Ha!! Congratulations on owning both consoles. That line never grows old!

DivineAssault 2235d ago

Im disappointed in both companies this gen.. Last gen brought us so many more exclusives & quality titles with out bugs to plague them.. I dont care about the console war because to me there isnt one.. Its very simple 360 makes btr western games & sony makes btr eastern games (in most cases) sony makes more exclusives & microsofts UI is best.. They both need work & both are needed to enjoy gaming to its fullest

hellvaguy2234d ago

Imo best gen yet. Online play has been outstanding on ps3 (as of past couple of years), MS (always has had superb online, but with a price tag) All except Ninety which still has bugs to work out there, but I belive the WiiU will get online right.

DivineAssault 2234d ago

ive been gaming since the NES (yes im old) & its very true that the online revolution has made gaming evolve to a whole new level but quality wise games have begun to get shorter, buggier, & lacking in terms of innovation.. Many developers figure they can rush out anything to make a quick buck & fix the problems later via update.. The amount of content in games have been shortened so they can capitalize on ppl w dlc for things that shouldve been in the game to begin with.. Its getting pretty ugly & i hope it changes for the better

TheRacingX2235d ago

That was actually a pretty good read, kinda of showing where gaming is going. The game industry has become a victim of itself, publishers want 10-20-30 million in profits and developers want 10-20-30 million to make a game, well someone has to lose, usually the developer whose game sold squat for whatever reason and almost buried the publisher in the process. That's why we have sequel after sequel and now all these small indie games are surfacing, cost is exponentially lower, and it reaps huge rewards if it hits... ( angry birds anyone?? ) I feel consoles days are numbered, this isn't like the age of the 90's - 2000's where every new game was treated like the next call of multiplayer and casual time killers is where the industry is headed, why do think Sony and Microsoft are in no hurry to give you the latest greatest, biggest baddest??? its just no worth it anymore, 10 yrs ago it would be unheard of stretch a console 8+ yrs. People still have their PS2's in regular rotation. Times they are a changin......

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