F-Zero confirmed for NintendoLand

"During the Nintendo’s developer discussion roundtable, Nintendo confirmed F-Zero for NintendoLand which already has Zelda: Battle Quest, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, Takemaru’s Ninja Castle, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Animal Crossing.

The F-Zero mini game will feature you playing as you're Mii in a racing vehicle from the game, moving at high speeds through courses with jumps. Falcon Punch your way to victory!

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Y_51502302d ago

Cool...At least in some way, they know that we want more F-Zero but this isn't what I had in mind.

Wido2302d ago

Indeed, NoA posted a image of more games. Image is in that article as well. It seems Star Fox is another.

Moncole2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

NintendoLand will probably come free with the Wii U like how WiiSports with the Wii.

NintendoLand looks like a fun game to play with friends.

Wido2302d ago

Definitely does look good to play with friends. I heard that two Wii U Game Pad's slow games down on the Wii U by half! 30fps from the 60fps Nintendo kept on saying it will do.

eagle212302d ago

I see a Metroid icon. :)

mike1up2302d ago

I would have prefered an HD demo of the next F-Zero game.