Kojima's new series may 'focus on concept of love, or raising a family'

Hideo Kojima is working on a 'new series' that will focus on human issues like 'the concept of love, or rearing a family', the MGS creator revealed in an exclusive interview with CVG at E3.

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BlmThug2019d ago

How very ... shit. Koji has lost his touch unfortunately

Patriots_Pride2019d ago

Why does my gaydar go off every time I see a picture of Kojima.

MasterCornholio2019d ago

So let me guess.

Its a game about Raiden and Meryl raising a family.


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WorldGamer2019d ago

Same reaction I had, but I guess I will wait and see what the deal is before I pass judgement.

Outside_ofthe_Box2019d ago

Are you questioning Hideo Kojima?

xtremexx2018d ago

err no, no i wasnt *scared look.*

Kyosuke_Sanada2019d ago

I could imagine a level where you play as the husband using stealth to sneak past your wife to cheat on her late at night....complete optional of course....

JAMurida2019d ago

lol, that would be insta GOTY!

synchroscheme2019d ago

Damn it. Has he been talking to Molyneux again?!

hilyou2019d ago

I really hope this isn't his next game. My dream for his new IP is him and Christopher Nolan working together to make a brand new IP.

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