Is the violence depicted in video games the norm?

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: "Truth be told, most video games are violent in some way, shape or form; however, it is really up to the consumer to decide what video game titles they choose to play."

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v0rt3x2181d ago

Ask the publishers. They keep forcing it upon developers because it apparently sells great.

It's not the 'norm' for me.

DeadSpaced2180d ago

I'd say so. People seemed surprised when I title comes out that has no violence at all. Not even slapstick or cartoonish violence.

GammaSix2180d ago

People are always crying over some dumb shit

theWB272180d ago

That's because the general person doesn't usually engage in those violent acts, but we have violence in us. So why not get that urge purged in a videogame where we won't get locked up for life. There are people who get their aggression out in games, better than an actual living thing right?

VanguardOfCalamity2180d ago

I don't see much difference in violence across most medium - the only thing that changes is how long the "camera" I guess.. in this instance stays on the aftermath.

If I guy gets shot and the camera pans away it was still violent and the guy is still dead. But if the camera lingers and you have a moment to absorb all the brutality of it while looking over the body it seems more brutal IMO

And with games not only can you hit,kill,mangle, etc... you can often survey the scene from multiple angles and zoom in closer.. so whether left to the viewers imagination or thrown in their face I think the ability to "study" the after math of violence makes all the difference in the perception of most people

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