Why Nintendo Won E3 2012

No one panders quite like Nintendo.

Within seconds of their E3 conference starting, I was already smiling with unabashed glee at the sheer whimsy emanating from the stage. Famed designer Shigeru Miyamoto, in his dressing room, with Pikmin frolicking hither and fro; pandering has a bad connotation, but when you have a wealth of beloved franchises in your impressive history, you can rely on playing with people’s nostalgic leanings to win over the hearts of everyone who grew up loving these games.

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hennessey862264d ago

No one had a good E3, but I would give the win to Sony.

Moncole2264d ago

Yes, because Wonder Book was suck a hardcore game.

TheLyonKing2264d ago

You can't focus on one game cause I can say the same for nintendo or microsoft.

Wonderbook did go on for a while but everything else was very well done. Sony recognises the concept of having to win E3 and Jack even said it himself.

FragMnTagM2263d ago

While I do think Sony had a slightly better conference than Microsoft and Nintendo's, Jack Tretton just needs to talk a whole lot less.

Him and Reggie drone on and on and on. It is really boring to listen to them talk.

Why is it so hard to show what you are trying to get across instead of talking and talking and talking.

Even though MS, didn't show any new IP's, except for the Kinect and Arcade titles, at least they shut the F%$# up and showed their ideas.

MS definetely could have done without Usher.

Ubisoft, on the other hand, destroyed all three of the console maker's conferences. The bit with the chick and the annoying gamer was pretty lame, but at least it was better than last year's cracked out guy.

I still cannot believe what is being pushed on both Sony and MS's 6 and 7 year old consoles.

Halo 4, The Last of Us, and Beyond, looked absolutely amazing for such dated tech.

This holiday is gonna hurt my wallet.

MasterCornholio2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Not wonderbook this is what will suck the core in.

Anyways in relation to the top i believe that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all did a terrible job at E3. In my opinion Sony had the best showing because of Beyond and The Last of Us.

Edit: But i cant wait for gamescon because hopefully it will be much better than E3.

2fk2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I felt ashamed watching nintendos e3....maybe if I was an 7 year old I would be pleased.... IMO Sony and ubisoft were the best

fermcr2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Ubisoft > EA > Microsoft > Sony > Nintendo.

stage882263d ago

What were you watching??

yabhero2263d ago

Ubisoft > Sony > EA > Nintendo> Sony

rjdofu2263d ago

You mean Ubisoft > Sony > EA > Nintendo> Microsoft?

If yes, then I agree.

stage882263d ago

Since no-one has got it right, here is the correct answer:

Ubisoft > Sony > EA > Nintendo > Microsoft

egidem2263d ago

Ubisoft>Sony>EA>Micro soft>Nintendo

Solved it.

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Y_51502264d ago

Nintendo was great with Pikmin and Mario but Sony did it for me. Showing The Last of Us gameplay is all they need to do to pretty much satisfied me!

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Jirachi2263d ago

Honestly everybody but ubisoft was bad but nntendo i give the edge among the others because they showed nothing but game maybe not every game was good but still.
beside games are still being announced(game&wario and p-100 i.e) plus more news on 3ds today how can nintendo be the worst when we only seen HALF of what they have?

Rrobba2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

NO ONE can say Nintendo won this E3. Nintendo fan boys need to grow up and admit that their conference sucked overall (Pikmin/Zombi U were good though) and Sony and especially Ubisoft were better than them.

HOWEVER, I think some people are overreacting. Those stating that Nintendo will die due to this conference are being irrational and for crying out loud their conference was not as bad as Microsoft's this year (Usher, Kinect, etc.) or Nintendo's 2008 conference (Wii Music, etc.).

Seriously - it was abysmal and you need to (within reason) hate on Nintendo so that they wake up, but don't be fools and write them off or announce their doom just because of a bad 1-hour long presentation.

PygmelionHunter2263d ago

I agree on doom articles being ridiculous, that goes for ALL of them but disagree regarding your statement about how NO ONE can say that Nintendo "won" E3, just because it's all debatable, remember, what poisons you might cure someone else.

I think no company had a good presentation this year but they all came up with few games I'm interested in and that is enough for me right now.

klecser2263d ago

The source is Gamespot, known to be hyper critical of Nintendo, so this hardly screams of fanboyish to me.

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