Why Sony Won E3 2012

New projects from familiar developers helped Sony steal the show.

Sony wasn’t afraid to open its E3 2012 press conference with a 20-minute game demo completely devoid of loud noises, flashing lights, explosions, shooting, sniping, platforming, dancing, singing, or any kind of throat stabbing.

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dangert122180d ago

I Won E3 i can take the best from what was there for less then dev cost=')

pixelsword2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

What did Sony win?

Besides the respect and admiration from fans, of course...

xursz2180d ago

That's a pro-Sony comment. ;]

pixelsword2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Yeah, it kinda was :D

I know that fans of Microsoft think that Microsoft won, and Nintendo fans feel sorry that Sony and Microsoft had to endure such a beating from the mighty Pikmin, so I already know that some people feel that's what Sony won.

And what Microsoft won.

And what Nintendo won.

And what PC fans won.

But actually, we all won. :D

darthv722180d ago

I wouldnt go that far as to say they "won" anything. There were some surprises (to me anyway). The expected stuff was nice to see more of but the unexpected stuff was what really got my interest.

Same with both the MS and nintendo shows. MS had things we already knew about but their few reveals were new and interesting. Smart glass was a nice surprise.

Nintendo really surprised me. There were games revealed coming to wii-u that had never been on the nintendo platform before or havent been for such a long time. Particularly ninja gaiden 3. Last time i saw a NG game was on the NES.

None of the big 3 really stole the show. There were good and bad moments in each.

NastyLeftHook02180d ago

The Last Of us Headshot.

God Of War Ascention


And one of my favorite games getting forever exclusive dlc( Assassins Creed 3.

Not to mention Counterstrike
PS All Stars Battle Royal.

theWB272180d ago

Starts the slow clap....

Fylus2180d ago

*Engages with clapping*

theWB272180d ago

He basically just said they werent afraid of opening a gaming convention with showing games so thats a good thing. I'm thinking above all else, gamers won. Sometimes writers thinking "different" just makes them sound pretty douche.

darthv722180d ago

they all open with games? well, maybe nintendo did open with the miyamoto thing and the pikmen but still it is game related.

theWB272180d ago

I read it wrong, disregard comment : )

NovusTerminus2180d ago

Of the big three... Sony sucked the least, thats not 'winning'

All of the big three failed to have major or surprising announcements. But Sony (That damn book aside) kept focus on games and had some great showings.

All in all, this was a bust of an E3, Sony failed to have a major showing of a game, MS drug that stupid Smart Glass thing out far to long, so what if my phone can be a remote! my remote can do that to!

Nintendo didn't showcase any 'must have' games for the Wii U, ZombiU was interesting, but I dunno if I'll get it, and I already have Batman, don't need it again.

Here's to TGS, I always preferred it over E3 anyways.

Tundra2180d ago

Ditching Vita in favor of Wonderbook for 15 minutes left a sour taste in my mouth.

Ultimately, they did do better out of the big three. I think that Ubisoft ran the show though tbh.

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The story is too old to be commented.