Dragon’s Dogma Xbox 360 Review (

( Dragon’s Dogma is Capcom’s push into the realm of the western RPG. The Publisher and Developer has created blockbuster titles including MegaMan, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, the Street Fighter series and the Resident Evil series. That being said Capcom is still a little fresh on the RPG scene with only seven games under only three titles. Dragon’s Dogma is not only a step in a new direction for Capcom; it’s a genre that the company hasn’t truly grounded itself in. Those doubtful remarks aside, Dragon’s Dogma is a triumph.

Dogma takes place on a world called Gransys during a time of fear and mystery. The great dragon has returned and with his coming, darkness and evil has flooded the land. Goblins and bandits roam the countryside and a nasty monster called the Brine has infested the waters. You play as the Arisen, one chosen by the dragon in a sort of challenge. After he attacks your village you stand firm to defend your people and, though the effort is futile, the wyrm takes a liking to your courage and spares your life. That is, after he rips your heart from your chest and eats it.

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