Analysis: Nintendo squanders another chance to wow U

VG247: Dire delivery and a flat finish did nothing to help Wii U’s cause. But when the games were allowed to speak for themselves we saw the first glimpses, if not guarantees, of something special, says Johnny Minkley.

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TheLyonKing1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I think hiding the specs and price was a very heavy mistake. The games were alright but no zelda and smash bros on day 1 or in what reggie calls the "Launch Window" doesn't appeal to me.

However PRICE Nintendo is very important.

Brettman20081938d ago

I think Wii U will be up against it later this year. Microsoft and Sony always sell well in the Oct - Dec period, especially Microsoft. And I think that there will be Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts next year to drive sales while gamers wait for the launch of the next gen consoles late 2013.

Hufandpuf1938d ago

I think the majority of gamers have grown out of Mario and Zelda. We need to see more core games and a price point.