E3 2012: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida on Vita and disruption

VG247: Sony’s E3 press conference was startlingly light on hoped-for Vita games, exasperating many. Nathan Grayson caught Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida to find out where the platform holder’s headed.

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extermin8or2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

basically sony: "where the fuck are the vita games I was expecting to see; because the only games I own for it are Uncharted, Rayman, Unit 13 and Motrorstorm RC Gravity daze might get looked at for about 20 quid and MGS HD collection is tempting past that the games that were "release window" all seem to have vanished:LBP vita release date??! Wtf happened to Ruin; why did I only see 30 seconds of AC:L yet about 10 mins of AC£ which they'd already shown in other press confrences, why the hell did I have to sit through bloody wonderbook instead of a showcase of vita games?! why was now COD:vita gameplay shown and where is sony bend's new game or killzone vita or Rockstars games ps3 or ps vita?!" other than all that basically it was still the best confrence I saw which is rather depressing :( oh well and soul sacrafice looks good; they made it shorter this year- then make it longer again next year; screw people complaining that you spend too long showing stuff off the general public really don't care if the critics got fed up we just want to see games and hardware and as much of it if that takes you 1.5hours or 3 who cares?!

Tired2233d ago

Try reading the article!

extermin8or2233d ago

I have me mentions th3 4 games I mentioned, says they didn't have time; what I'm saying is why they didn't have time and the majority of the games they've announced but then nothing not even a screenshot; plus still no real info on most of the 25 games?

ShinMaster2232d ago

"We have 25 new games on the show floor playable during E3"

PS Battle Royale
Assassin's Creed Liberation
Dust 514
Jet Set Radio
Persona 4: Golden
etc...... look them up yourself.

extermin8or2232d ago

there still isn't very much information on them available and the point is most people won't look them up or know they exist which is a shame for vita as there are some really good titles there :/

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boldstarr2233d ago

God of war is SICKKKKKKKK!

Tired2232d ago

Oh dear! Well send him my love, hope he gets better soon!

stephmhishot2233d ago

All that typing and his fingers only found the period key once, and it wasn't even to indicate the end of a sentence, impressive.

DA_SHREDDER2233d ago

I feel your pain brother, they really had a chance to outshine everyone even with the WiiU being offically announced, sorta. Maybe it has something to do with the underworld scheme of things. The big 3 have a pact, whenever they introduce new hardware, they promise not to cough, gag, or choke during that year's E3?!

demetreHG2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


Your whining about Playstation Vita 3 games seriously did you even bother to read the article instead of complaining ?

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Chapulin2233d ago

Yeah really wanted to see more PSV stuff.

andibandit2233d ago

yeah if only that

"Wonderbook - Book of spells" had been on vita as well


miyamoto2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Stop the bitching. The truth is there are games for PSV and they are readily playable at E3. That is what matters most. Sony is not known for lush high budget grandstanding on E3. They rather spend their funds on the real world marketing.

What's important is the Good stuff & AAA Vita games are flowing.

Also they have spared the other news & stuff on TGS, Gamescon & GDC. Those shows need to make money too.

Sorrow242233d ago

Sony...doing real world marketing?

I've only seen like 3 Vita commercials since its been out.

They have the WORST marketing ever. They usually never show any of their first party games or promote them heavily.

I'm a Sony lover, disagree if you want, but it's true.

Waddy1012233d ago

I don't know about you but Vita adverts are EVERYWHERE where i live, on bus shelters in shop windows and on the TV.

Sorrow242233d ago

Do you live in the US?

Honestly, you can ask others, there's nothing here.

cjflora2233d ago

I've seen quite a bit for Vita and I live in South Dakota.

specialguest2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I remember when the a Sony had a massive deal with Coca Cola to promote the PS Move, and everyone agreed that this was huge. Months passed and even a year, and I have yet to see or remember one Move promotion involving Coke.

However, in regards to the Vita, I have seen commercials. The one I saw was about playing your PS3 game and continue playing the same game remotely on the Vita. Sort of a false advertisement for now though, since only a very small amount of games are actually remoteplay ready. Then again, people won't know until after they purchase the Vita though.

miyamoto2233d ago

My friend, I said, "They rather spend their funds on the real world marketing. "

Marketing and Advertising are two different things. The adverts we see are just a part of their marketing that we don't see.

Marketing involves research of evolving markets, and deals with developers, publishers, retailers; strategic placement of products in the market place etc.

Technique versus Principles.
M$ is flash with cash. The masters of the latest ways to hype on the TV. As an American company they advertise to sell their products: like the 360 in 2006. They have so much cash to burn on ads.

But Sony see things differently.
Sony is a conservative Japanese company that would rather spend their budget on quality & let their products do the talking & sell themselves. They have been doing this practice since the PS1.

Its these Japanese bushido principles they adhere to called Book of 5 Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

"An opponent who gets out of the way has already lost."

One thing I learned from Sony is patience: Good things come to those who wait. Sony has always stayed true to its plans and have not strayed away from its path. It maybe a slow tortoise but it has a very hard shell & will reach its goal slowly...but surely.

I recommend you watch this documentary:


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DivineAssault 2233d ago

Great answer my friend.. TGS will have better news & info for me personally because i like eastern games better than western.. AC is awesome but Soul Sacrifice is what really makes me wanna pre order right away

Sorrow242232d ago

Thanks for that Axelstone!

Will definitely take a look.

richard9192233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

the damn thing is only months old....give em some time to develop for it! its not gonna have a massive library instantly.

Sorrow242233d ago

Its not that that bothers me. Its that they didn't dedicate any time to the Vita at E3. At least show Warrior's Lair again or something.

xXKingofStingXx2233d ago

My thought exactly, i understand the system is new and it's not instantly going to have a massive library but in the least i would like to know Sony is supporting it.

I'm sure they are but this E3 did not do them any favors to gain anymore Vita adopters.

richard9192233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

i get what youre saying and although they didnt spend alot of time on the vita they did show new games and the little big planet functionality is proof that they are still moving forward with it. i see the lbp functionality has just beginning of the support.

i also read that there was 30+ vita games down on the show floor so im still gonna give them time to roll out new games/ps3 cross platform support. im not worrying just yet

sikbeta2233d ago

That's totally true, how they can have 15 minutes of Wonderbook or wahtever and not even 5 minutes for PSV games!? really, with a tiny gameplay of Soul Sacrifice or at least a montage of PSV games could have been better than 30 secs of AC Liberation and a logo from COD

Jazz41082233d ago

My problem is both Nintendo and Sony both have new platforms for gaming and they both missed there chance to showcase them and this is very worrying to the public as to what is there focus. For people who were burned on PSP GO this did nothing to help.

Sheikh Yerbouti2233d ago

Did anyone buy a PSP? Remember that? I was buying my first one when it was as old as the Vita is now. It had dick for games when I bought it and for the next six months.

The Vita has a Minis, PSP games that I haven't played yet, and Resistance, Nathan Drake, Wipeout, Unit 13, Marvel vs. Capcom, Gravity Daze. I'm not bitchin' at all about Vita games. I'm good.

abzdine2233d ago

i like this guy !
I hope there will be some solid JRPGs and a GT on Vita since i dont play FPSs.
Maybe TGS will tell and i hope they will focus on Vita there, more than what they did for PS3 in E3 because now we know what's on the pipeline on PS3 (outside japan at least).

Sheikh Yerbouti2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Yeah he's honest. He pretty much confessed that Sony's marketing stinks. "Oh, all those Vita games? We really under-represented that!" Just like in advertising.

At least they got COD on Vita. That's the brass ring for my E3 - hoping for some gameplay before the week.

I was good before, now I'm better.

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