Microsoft's E3 conference revealed more about Apple than it did gaming writes: Microsoft may have teased Halo 4 and a brand new Gears of War title, but their E3 conference was more about convergence of software and the Microsoft eco-system than gaming.

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Clarence2179d ago

M$ believes it will sell more consoles if it makes the Xbox more like a cable box instead of a gaming console.

Winter47th2179d ago

"Microsoft's E3 conference revealed more about Apple than it did gaming"

LOL owned but this isn't as embarrassing as Activision's "EA talks about Call of Duty more than we do" man that was just embarrassing.

LightofDarkness2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Pretty much, it's clear that they're planning to get a BIG TV licensing deal that will essentially force the 360/720 in living rooms across America, with a low asking price of $99 with the rest subsidised by the cable/TV provider and paid off as part of the monthly bill. Being able to stream different shows and games to different TVs/devices without a second subscription or box in the home will be massive, and MS knows it. They're turning Xbox into an indispensable household item, for better or worse.

jessupj2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Thank the Lord Sony is still heavily focused on cartering to the hardcore gamers. It seems they're the only ones now.

I think I'd just die if Sony ceased to exist.

Patriots_Pride2179d ago

True - The AAA first party exclusives that Sony constantly pumps out is proof of that, but you have ask your self how long can Sony maintain this and keep the shareholders happy.

I am a gamer and glad Sony is focusing on me but with out the share holders then Sony can continue to give me games. Sony as a whole has been in the red for years and spending money on games like twisted metal and sorcery and not seeing a profit or barly breaking even does not help Sony get out of the red.

Also times are changeing and we are no longer in the era where games alone can keep your game company on top - the world is changeing into a pop coulture social zone and soon everything will need face book, google, twitter, ESPN apps, NETFLIX....

So the PS3/PS4 will aso need to evelove or get left behind.