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Submitted by xiren187 1346d ago | opinion piece

E3 2012: Anything Wii U Can Do, PS Vita Can Do Better

"Well, maybe not necessarily better (since Wii U has time to prove its worth), but definitely sooner! Last year, Nintendo no doubt stole E3 with their announcement and official unveiling of their next console, Wii U. However, the highlight was the console’s controller. In fact, the multifunctional controller was focused on so heavily that many people were confused and believed that Wii U was just the tablet-styled controller." - JPS (E3, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U)

jujubee88  +   1346d ago
This is what kind of confused me abot Sony's E3:
VITA and PS3 can connect to one another and do some amazing things. I mean, pre-alpha cross control features (for LBP2 and Killzone) where shown at TGS 2011 and it was great!
RedDead  +   1346d ago
The Author is right in ways, but wrong in other ways. The WiiU's things are controllers. The WiiU is going to utilize 2 screens when gaming. No not 2 separate displays, the gameplay will actually involve having two separate screens and 2 perspectives. This has alot of potential anyhow. It probably won't be fulfilled. The Vita and Ps3 will never do this, because making a game like this is just too risky imo. it requires you have a Vita and Ps3, no dev will make a game which brings two separate systems together in sych, and even if 'some' do, it's one of the WiiU's main features...I think so anyhow. It's a bit like Move. Move is an add on to Ps3. The Wii's motion controls are part of the system. And while they sucked(again imo) can see the difference between how many devs are willing to actually make games for move. There isn't many. Sorcery is basically a proving ground for it.

I mean I dunno if it can even be done, you would need a separate Motion sensor for the Vita to interact with ps3 like the WiiU's controllers do with it.

You won't be picking up a Vita and throwing Shurikans from it's screen to the Ps3's display anyhow, which is what the WiiU's potential holds.
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one2thr  +   1346d ago
Well in theory the Vita and Ps3 can do it(my theory) Sn: Vita has Sixaxis, 3 point eletronic compass so it doesnt need a seperate motion sensor, and ohh to a camera on the front and back for augmented reality, and can be used for motion sensing.
Yeah but back on topic, the Vita and PS3 CAN do this, but seeing that there's no need for it now, because this console gen is almost over it wouldnt do any good to do it now, not saying it cant do any good... Nevermind I dont know... But yeah IT CAN BE DONE, but which developer is going to show us that it CAN be done?
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DialgaMarine  +   1346d ago
Games like Dust 514 and LBP2 have been confirmed to support dual screen features.
poopsack  +   1346d ago
I dont think you're right when you say the PS3 and Vita will never do this, considering Sony announced at E3 that this is what LBP will do with its Vita+Ps3 dlc
jujubee88  +   1345d ago
Exactly! People should know better than to "never say never!" :-D

The VITA can connect to PS3/PS4, and these ecosystems create a different "beast" all together. If even more developer support comes to the VITA's cross-platform initiative, some great experiences can and will happen.

Here are the abilities of VITA's cross-platform content:

-Cross-gamesaves: Transferring (aka "Transfarring") of gamestates started on one hardware and continued on another.

-Cross-Play: Mix and match your synchronous online games experiences between all PSN connected hardware)

-Cross-DLC: DLC can be bought once, used on any hardware.

-PSN bundles: Buy the digital VITA version of game, get the PS3 version of the same game for free/discounted (and vice versa).

-Cross-Controller: Let the console do almost all the work to stream to VITA. Let the VITA do some work (i.e. play music, browse the web, see videos stored on your portable device) while the console is streaming.

Hypothetically, developers can even "cut the chains" and auto-transfer your console-to-VITA experience by automatically receiving and ad-hoc transferred save state to your VITA. This can enable it so you can keep on gaming, even if you lose the connection between VITA and console. Microsoft announced SmartGlass and the tech behind it is basically providing the blueprint for a developer to do the same with Playstation technology.

These are simple some of the possibilities of Playstation's new multiple screen initiative. There are many more, of course it is up to content makers to actually get a hold of devkits and find a way to profit from that Playstation ecosystem so we (the gamers) see the results.

Also, keep an eye out for "Playstation Mobile"! With PSM, the incentive for software to be created by anyone on VITA is great and the potential for content to be seen on any PSM connected hardware will contribute to any number of awesome games.
Tired  +   1346d ago
Well I'm not happy about the title, but the article was well reasoned. And it's only fair to offset the 'Vita is doomed' articles.

I'm looking forward to Sony's implementation of the Vita with the Ps3. I'm hoping we can use the Vita's LBP creation tools in LBP2. Because drawing and stretching would be SO much easier than using the dualshock.
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LightofDarkness  +   1346d ago
Exactly, Sony had a chance to essentially DESTROY the Wii U before it was released by demonstrating similar functionality with the PS3. MS made a move to do so with Smartglass, so why not Sony?
joeorc  +   1346d ago
I do not think it's about destroying Nintendo..LOL

Its really about Tech trends and their direction.

Example: Before the WiiU and Even before the PSVita was released. All three companies Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft were working on such functionality.

Apple, Google and Samsung etc. they all were due to the fact that smartdevices with direct connection to central Hub's offsets, limitation in being at a location to say print a doc before you get there.

Example Google's cloud print and HP's Clud printing function. are both prime example's.

taking that toward entertainment purposes is not going to be far fetched. and as both Apple and Sony and Microsoft and Google, hell pretty much every consumer electronic company proved in early 2001 on that the big step for mobile devices is direct connection to Hub's which thank's to software and hardware pretty much anything can now be a Hub.

the trend was established a while ago, so what Nintendo is doing is pretty much what the other companies are, but with Nintendo's unique game software development. that does not mean Nintendo started it all as the only innovator in this form of mobile direct hub connection.

It just means like every other company they are adding their own touch to it. will there be overlap's where many devices have the same functionality as the other's?

you betcha

will there be unique functionality connection to the Hub with interactive software experiences only found on each system?

you betcha.
neogeo  +   1346d ago
Nintendo is like Apple. Even if the wiiu can be out done by vita. Wiiu will be the mainstream big seller because 1. Better marketing. 2. Moms love it!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1346d ago
NO, you can't!
Yes, I can!
No, you can't!
mamotte  +   1346d ago
I'll make two points here:

1: "Sony believes in the PlayStation Vita (despite some less-than-impressive sales numbers), so much in fact, that they are finding ways to pair the handheld to their existing console."
Actually, this proves Sony dont believe in the Vita. Why make it a controller, an accesory from another console, instead of giving it good exclusive games and experiences, or at least a decent place in the conference? Poor Vita will never get out of the shadow of the PS3. It needs more games like Gravity Rush.

2: There'll be a difference between making the controller-vita an addon, and a principal feature. Zombiu, for example, is made for using the WiiU screen. Normally you'd pause the game to access inventory and puzzles. But I dont believe "patching" a game will have the same effect. It'll have to be made from zero to use ps3 and vita combined. And it'll be risky for developers, since they'll have to sell a game with a seal of "dont buy it if you dont have a PS3 and Vita". Really risky. They can do it, but I dont believe they'll do it.
admiralvic  +   1346d ago
I don't see why so many people are certain it won't happen. While it is illogical and doubtful, Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater required quite a bit to actually be playble. The requirements were as follows...

Sony PSP
Sony PS3
Hatsune Miku Project Diva
Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater PS3 DLC (3,000 yen... so thats well over 30 alone)

to boot it you're looking at around 500 in expenses... regardless of how you feel, some people try some odd things and it even sold well considering.
mamotte  +   1346d ago
Yes, and that's nothing new, I mean: this kind of tech isn't exactly from the last E3: We've been doing it since two gens ago, between the GBA and the Gamecube. Will it happen? Yes, it'll happen... but not at the same level. All WiiU games will have two screens as a mandatory function. With the PS3/Vita combo, aside from really few games (you only named one, for example) it'll be an option. That means it wont have the same dept and integration as the WiiU games will have. Just look at the Wii and the PSmove. One is mandatory, the other an option. And the option never is full fleshed like the mandatory.
one2thr  +   1346d ago
The Vita as a controller, CAN be a toggled feature like Killzone 3 with dual shock 3 or Move controller...
Just a thought...
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corrus  +   1346d ago
Yeah i know that VITA can do better
SandWitch  +   1346d ago
This is Sony's golden opportunity to steal Wii U's momentum even before the Wii U comes to market. What they must do is to add cross-controller support for all first-party games and offer some kind of bounty for third-party developers who support cross-controller feature in their games. For example a discount to put DLC on PSN (because as I know the price is not low to do that)
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bobacdigital  +   1346d ago
This is freaking absurd lol ... The vita and ps3 cost what 500+ bux together? Also will you need to buy both games for them to work in tandum?

The issue with VITA / PS3 combo is their target demographic / subscriber base do not care about games that use these features.. The people who actually drive the base could care less about a second screen...

Also All Stars better be ONLINE cross play ... because if it is only cross play while in the same room wtf is the point of buying a VITA to emulate what the ps3 controller can already do lol...

The Vita is simply way to freaking expensive .. why do I want to pay 250 bux for something that does the exact same thing as a PS3.. it plays the same freaking games also... all the flagship games like AC and Uncharted you get on the ps3 .. If they want the Vita to have a chance they need to make it 150-180 bux.. or make the experience entirely different from the ps3...
Tidybrutes  +   1346d ago
Problem is when are all these features for vita going to be released?

Sony is taking too long to get these features implemented, as if vita is going to steal any of wiiu's thunder they need these features such as remote play out well before wiiu's launch.
bobacdigital  +   1346d ago
Part of the reason it is taking so long is they came up with all these "new features" after the consoles release rather than in development.
JellyJelly  +   1346d ago
The only thing Vita does better is failing commercially.
CLOUD1983  +   1346d ago
That's why I never buy a new console or handheld day1 like some of u did, PSV is power-wise the best handheld ever released but like every new gaming device in market lack good games the first few months, give it some time and I am sure the sales will sky rocket in the future when it's game library expand with some triple-A titles.
AWBrawler  +   1346d ago
Ohkay people sure it might can do some of what Wii U does, but if you were a developer trying to get a check, Would you make a game that requires 2 screens and interaction between the two where you need 2 separate systems, or for a system where you know that b default, everyone who buys it, will have evrything they need to play it?

It's that simple.
Jagsrock  +   1346d ago
The key difference is the vita is not and will not be owned by everyone, and the second thing people are forgetting about Nintendo's first party games that will make it an instant buy for most people regardless of what vita could do like Wii U. Seriously don't tell me that the first footage of an HD Zelda or metroid game wont make you wish you had a Wii u.
bobacdigital  +   1346d ago
People will own 2 systems regardless and some have all 3.... You buy a Nintendo for their 1st party stuff and their innovative play control... They are just so different from MS and Sony, there isnt anything those companies can release now to emulate what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U... Vita / PS3 and Xbox / Smart glass are all similar ploys to try and jump on Nintendos success.. Just like Kinect and Move.. Both have been pretty lackluster and their support is coming along so slow most people question why they even bought them to begin with...

No one is going to buy a VITA to use it with the PS3, they are just toooooo simillar.. at least the 3DS has 3d and different games .. Why spend 250 on a Vita now and another 100 to 200 on memcards and games when you can just wait for the Wii U, PS4, or Xbox 720 in 2013?
Ihaa  +   1346d ago
Not really in terms of graphical capability. The Wii U is built specifically to render 1080P in 60 frames a second with one tablet running. As far as I could tell, they have AA on also for both screens and it runs smoothly with advantages over the Ps3. The Ps3 runs 720P or lower upscaled to 1080P with no AA which looks worse than that of the Wii U. As for game play, they technically can, but its like the move. You don't get hardcore games built specifically to utilize the functionality of the move. Instead, they mostly get it to work on the move with not too bad but not the best controls.
DivineAssault  +   1345d ago
Lets hope they start using the vita as a controller in more games than just lbp.. Im sure they designed vita w ps4 in mind so maybe itl work even better there..

By the time wii u builds a strong software line up, ps4 will be entering the game with gorgeous visuals vita wont be able to handle but it can be used as a hud, map, inventory, etc.. After all Nintendo did say only SOME games can be played on the tablet alone..
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