The Last of Us, a Generation Beyond

Nerd Reactor details why they feel that The Last of Us is bringing gameplay that feels a generation beyond.

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Angels37852266d ago

I agree something about this demo, watch dogs and hitman absolution felt next gen. Naughty dog has a very close attention to detail down to small twitches of clothing. I saw in the last of us Joel brush his hands against he wall, his nose and shoulder go blood from a gunshot wound and a brawl. Little shuffles and movements as joel wrestles a random survivor. And I agree the AI is something to be hailed from what we've seen. While calling to each other may not be an innovation, the interactions between the ai seems human almost like a "most dangerous game" feel of hunting. Amazing!

Awesome_Gamer2266d ago

The Last of Us looks so fucking amazing so far, can't wait :)

mewhy322266d ago

Well,for the author to compare it to metal gear and mario 64 is a stretch to say the least. Those games really had a huge influence on genres and controls schemes. That's not to say that The Last of Us isn't going to be great, it is. However, I didn't really see anything new here. Uncharted with a little girl tagging along in a decimated world. That's really what I saw. This isn't a bad thing but just not an industry influence the likes of Mario 64 and Metal Gear.

miyamoto2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Sony is just making a game for the gamers that grow old with gaming, to give this market something new to play, see, taste & digest.

I applaud them for making two huge forms of entertainment, video games & movies, in one offering. That sir is their way of keeping the industry alive and kicking ass.

Sony being also a movie & music company are making good use of whatever resources they can muster to keep their bread & butter selling in these tough economic times.

Streamlining their efforts. There is nothing bad about that.

A few Sony cynic & critics may say "I don't want to watch. I want to play." But 17 million Uncharted gamers says "We want to play & watch at the same time."

What I have noticed with TLOU is the fluid animation. Even some AAA high budget games looks jerky compared to this game.

As a person who grew up in video games I say video games are better than movies.

Stan Lee shares the same opinion as mine & is now the purveyor of cinematic video games even if he is an advocate of comics.

Even PC games are taking notice why they don't have this kind of games on PC.

Cinematic Video Games are here to stay and ND is leading the way.

CommonSense2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

i think you're all taking this a bit far.

it looks an awful lot like uncharted. not saying that's a bad thing, but it's definitely not a generational leap. even shane satterfield, who is a definitely a bigger fan of ps3 than 360, said some of the audience during the sony conference were being so ridiculous and over the top that he was convinced they were paid to be there. i say, all he needs to do is spend 5 minutes looking at the comments on n4g.

i will semi-agree with the guy that said watch dogs looks next gen (though, that was the PC build). but, imagine how much better it would look if they weren't trying to make it for console.

the best looking games of the show, as usual, were third party titles. Crysis 3 and Watch Dogs, for example.

Ultr2266d ago

@CommonSense to be honest, If I were at E3 I would scream all the time and applause and everything! not because Im a fanboy but hell, WHY NOT those people definately had a better time than those that just sat there in the crowd analysing shit!
The Last Of Us was one of the best games shown at E3
Naughty Dog delivers once again

IHateYouFanboys2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

@CommonSense: " even shane satterfield, who is a definitely a bigger fan of ps3 than 360, said some of the audience during the sony conference were being so ridiculous and over the top that he was convinced they were paid to be there."

its funny you say that, because they *basically* were. the official PS Blog site gave away two HUNDRED free tickets to the Sony conference, and in no uncertain terms made it clear that it would be worth your while. all you have to do is go along and cheer.

"If you live in the Los Angeles area, though, we’ve got an even better offer. How would you like to attend the PlayStation E3 2012 Press Conference? I’m holding close to 200 seats at the LA Sports Arena for you — all you have to do is show up (and cheer). It won’t be hard. Deal?"

no wonder there was so much ridiculous hooting and hollering going on in the crowd at all times - it was a sony fanboy rent-a-crowd.

TCG_Returns2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

As opposed to MS conference being filled with emotionless drones?

GAMERS were at E3 cheerings on games.Deal with it.Jesus christ, you`re so far gone into your own delusions its actually sad.

MariaHelFutura2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Asides from Joel looking and sounding like Drake (Nolan North), The Last Of Us is nothing like Uncharted. Unless you just want to pick apart the game and be like "He's shooting, he's running, he's fighting. Its like Uncharted". Which you could do to any game and it just sounds ridiculous.

telekineticmantis2266d ago

Shane Satterfield is a well known Xbox fanboy, that's why they call him that during "Invisible Walls" Episodes, he may lean sometimes to Sony, just to make it seem not so Blatant, but he's always been Xbox. As for advancements, I'm really impressed with the Ai'S Intelligence. Everything changes based on how you approach it. When you were discovered, and you fired a shot, you could sense the fear as the guy screamed, "he's got a F#cking gun!" That changed everything. I think the game is bringing a new level of realism

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chukamachine2266d ago

Both games look great.

But this looks next gen to me.

DaThreats2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

That's PC footage
There is a rumor that game will come out for future gen systems

chukamachine2266d ago

Yeah i thought so.

But i've heard it's coming to PS3/360.

Not sure how it'll look.

But i really like how the game is shaping up, cover and melee looks good. Plus awesome weapons.

StreetsofRage2266d ago

Ugh! Yeah that's the PC footage. I am so ready for next next gen! Hurry up!

miyamoto2266d ago

Hi S.O.R. nice to meet you :-)

StreetsofRage2266d ago

Nice name. You know what's up with the real good games. :)

mrmancs2266d ago

along with watch dogs , this title is a must have , it is looking amazing.

TLG19912266d ago

i was thinking this yesterday about a few stand out games feeling very next gen. and a positive for next gen being it looks like we are moving away from the heavy focus on graphics (although it will still always improve) and FPS games and seems to be focusing back on the gameplay and new original ideas. i think next gen games are going to be very special if we are finishing this gen with games like these

Bolts2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The Watch Dog demo is the only one to look truely nextgen. The graphics are amazing and delivers something that that I haven't seen from this gen. We're talking about about a BF3 and Witcher style jump in graphics.

Last of Us looks great but the game just share too many similarities with Uncharted.

sly-Famous2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Could you be a more misinformed PC fanboy? And as far as graphics go, Beyond: two souls blows anything out of the water, now concider it being on 6 year old tech as the PC fanboys are so quick to point out, and you will see that PS3 first party devs(I know QD isnt first part but they might as well be) are two gens beyond any other dev, be it on console or PC.

xtreampro2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Beyond Two souls blows anything out of the water? what are you smoking? Even though ND aren't aiming for photorealism TLOU looks more photo-realistic than Beyond Two souls.

David Cages wants to achieve photorealism yet he can't be bothered investing in creating an engine that can achieve it.

The QD engine has crappy particles effects, has crappy cloth and light simulation and most of all can't render the realistic properties of human skin, both CryEngine 3 and Frostbite 2.0 and UE3 (to a certain extent) can render human skin correctly.

The skin in HR and B:TS looks like a painted on texture and their facial expression tech is rubbish as well. Don't get me wrong Beyond Two souls looks good but don't get too ahead of yourself.

Bolts I agree with you but TLOU compared to UC3 is much more fluid and it doesn't seem to have that messed up twitchy & clunky gameplay that UC3 has. The animations in TLOU look seamless compared to UC3's lousy transition between two animations and there's no proper foot-planting in UC3 either.

Fez2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

"two gens beyond any other dev, be it on console or PC"
This is the most meaningless and false statements I've ever read on n4g...
Two gens beyond? Who measures developers by generations? Are you saying every non-Sony developer might as well be creating PS1 titles they're so rubbish at making games? And Beyond: Two Souls did not look better than Watch Dogs...because of the hardware as you point out.

Watch Dogs looked next gen because it was running on next gen specs. Last of Us and Beyond looked like amazing current gen experiences because they were running on a current gen system.

Gameplay wise, Last of Us will have similarities to Uncharted because Naughty Dog probably didn't fire all their developers after the success of UC.

milohighclub2266d ago

All it shares is the art style and engine.

r212266d ago

the similarities shared between Uncharted and TLOU are some mechanics you can see in Uncharted 3. Notice the more improved animation interactions where your character gets close to walls, the lighting system is also quite improved and and also the slower ripples in water. both games however are also very different to each other i.e. TLOU having limited ammo, health bar, inventory and very smart AI.

however, this star wars looks to be uncharted in space.

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