IGN E3 2012: Star Wars: 1313 -- Move Over Drake

IGN: "Star Wars: 1313 has all the potential to be the best video game the franchise has seen in years."

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pwneddemocrat2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

To be honest, the video just looked more like Nathan Drake went to space and not much like it's a Star Wars game.

Even the train climbing scene is completely ripped in this gameplay footage they showed at Spike or whatever it's called.

I want a freaking good Star Wars, i want lightsabors and the sounds that they produce not the stormroopers' guns! come on Lucas. Even the cut scenes and the transition between that and the gameplay really felt like Uncharted.

And IGN have the nerve to say move over Drake lol.

Anyways, it's good they copy from Uncharted though, getting sick from all the freaking FPS. Will look into more information about this Uncharted: Space thieves.

Christopher2112d ago

There is a lot more to Star Wars than just Jedi and Sith.

I don't mind the game from the perspective of a Bounty Hunter, especially considering how many games we have where we can already play a Jedi. I do hope it expands on more of the Bounty Hunter concepts (SWtOR does a good job of this) instead of playing more like your standard TPS with Cinematic scenery.

pwneddemocrat2112d ago

Is it too much that i just want another Knight of the Old Republic? Just that game on the current gen and im hooked for 3 generations of gaming to come.

Besides, what got people in the Star Wars is really the lightsabers, Han Solo, and Darth Vader. not Stormtroopers, and bounty hunters ( even though Han solo was one i know. But he's Han freaking Solo not a normal bounty hunter)

So if you want to make a bounty hunter game give us Han Solo, other than that, i want lightsabers not Uncharted in space.

joab7772112d ago

Yeah, its about time they took advantage of the cinematic nature of the movies. Its a perfect concept. A game that actually draws u into the universe of star wars. And, u can still have with and Jedi as main characters, just not playable. Set between trilogies at the height of the empire. I am psyched. And if we get uncharted type quality, I am down. I don't know how any star wars fan would be disappointed playing a bounty hunter in a high quality cinematic game that comes off like a movie release.

Christopher2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

***Is it too much that i just want another Knight of the Old Republic?***

Not at all, but we don't need to lambaste or criticize another game just because it's not what we want, right?

I want another Planescape: Torment game with every fiber of my being, but I'm not going to criticize other RPGs pout out for not being it.

***So if you want to make a bounty hunter game give us Han Solo, other than that, i want lightsabers not Uncharted in space.***

So, you won't give this game a chance because it doesn't meet your preconceived notion of what the game should be? We just saw the first bits of the game, not the whole game itself. At least have an open mind. I'm not saying to love it, but people seem to already want to have it go away and replaced with something else entirely just because of what was shown at E3, which was alpha build material.

pwneddemocrat2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

What was shown at E3 was phenomenal, but unfortunately, it wasn't what i wanted in a Star Wars game.
I was stating my opinion over what kind of SW game i want, and the many similarities between this and Uncharted. Considering it's a SW game, there shouldn't be any similarities.

Appreciate your reply and defense for this game though. Guess there are SW fans that want it.

Cosmit2112d ago

There are Star Wars fans and non Star Wars fans that want this game. I for one think it looks great.

Why is it so bad for you that its similar to Uncharted? As long as good comes from it their shouldn't be a problem.

Fez2112d ago

I'm pretty sure Han Solo was a smuggler btw, not a bounty hunter.

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PersonaCat2112d ago

And here we go... remember when IGN made that stupid article on Dark Souls kicking Skyrim's ass? All this is going to do is rile fanboys up and put this game in a negative spotlight.

PixL2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Drake has moved. Now his name is Joel. Haven't you noticed, IGNorants? Also, the hype is notorious. It's nothing really that groundbreaking. On the contrary, Watch Dogs is. It has not only graphics but also fresh gameplay ideas.

Anyway, this SW game looks great. I hope it will come to the next gen consoles.

Hicken2112d ago

What does that even mean?

Joel doesn't look or sound like Drake.

The hype for WHAT is notorious? WHAT isn't that groundbreaking? Watch_Dogs look good, but what the hell are you even comparing it to?

Make some sense, will you?

PixL2112d ago

"Joel doesn't look or sound like Drake."
Exactly. ND are moving forward, exploring new ideas. Only "journalists" with brains limited to "...-like" stay in place.

"The hype for WHAT is notorious?" For 1313. It looks good, it will be a fine game. But it's nothing groundbreaking in terms of gameplay.

"Watch_Dogs look good, but what the hell are you even comparing it to? "

I'm not comparing it to anything. That's the point. There's nothing to compare it to. People say it looks like GTA but I don't think so. In GTA you don't use the surroundings to conduct gameplay. It's a totally new concept and I love it.

Now, do I make some sense to you and other people who disagree?

Fez2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I think Joel looks like an older Drake, kind of.
Well, not really. But they're both white.

This Star Wars game looks pretty good. Uncharted in Space can't really be a bad thing!

InTheLab2112d ago

I thought he changed his name to Sam Fisher after watching the SC Coviction 2 trailer...

Godmars2902112d ago

Funny, I'm thinking more like a tweaked Forces Unleashed engine that's not worrying about Jedi powers.

MadMen2112d ago

Star Wars games in most cases flop and I get tired of the hype and then it bombs, I reserve all judgement on SW's games after they release I will not get caught up in the

"this could finally be the one" hype

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