E3 2012: Watch Dogs: Full gameplay demo dissected, analysed, secrets revealed

Watch Dogs is, for many, the 'winner' of this year's E3. It's a surprising new IP in a mass of sequels, and not only looks amazing, but has some interesting gameplay ideas to boot.

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pwneddemocrat2230d ago

Yea, as much as i'd say The Last of Us was the game of the show, considering its amazing AI and graphics, the gameplay concept on WatchDogs just amazed me.

To be able to control a game like that is beyond imagination and really intriguing.

FarCryLover1822230d ago

Hopefully the game stays like this when it is complete and shipped to stores. The way Ubisoft has been lately, this might not be the case. It seems like they show many things off at E3 and then completely change the game. Mainly with the Clancy titles though, Ghost Recon Future Solider's final version was very different than the first build shown and I do not know why they changed it from that cool futuristic setting. Also, Rainbow Six Patriots is going through an overall as well and will probably not be the same as the first shown footage.

Hopefully Watchdogs bucks this trend and is as awesome as E3 made it out to be and Ubisoft doesn't completely overhaul the game.

pwneddemocrat2230d ago

Yea, you just reminded me of the days i used to wait for Assassin's Creed 1 after the first trailer they release with Altair coming from the church and killing the guy at the hanger in a badass way. They made us so hyped by that game that when it was released it was repetitive as hell.

But, they really listen to the audience, so that's always a point in their favor. They fix what's wrong.

I dont know about the Splinter Cell series though, only played the ones from last gen.

FarCryLover1822230d ago

Splinter Cell is messed up now man. Avoid it at all costs if you liked the older ones. I bought COnviction and never again will I buy another Splinter Cell if it is like that.