GamesBeat: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale has no time for defense

It's hard not to compare Sony's PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series when you just look at it, but they're not as similar as you may think.

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pwneddemocrat2147d ago

The writer dont look to have any gaming experience in Super Smash Bro.
If you read that whole article and erased the "PASBR" word from it, you'll be describing Super Smash Bro.

I dont hate, i loved that game and i'll love seeing this on the PS3, but unlike many blind fanboys i dont ignore the fact that it's ripped off from Super Smash.

What the hell did he mean that Super Smash is not a fast-paced game?! That's journalistic dishonesty, the writer clearly have no knowledge or the slightest experience in Super Smash Bro.

anyways, i look forward to playing this game. although the " to kill every character on the screen." sounds depressing. Hints that this game will have serious balance issues between heroes.

BitbyDeath2147d ago

Lots of games ripped off another.

I remember when SingStar was the only music game available and after a while Guitar Hero and Rockband joined in.

Nothing wrong with expanding the genre IMO.


dont forget about frequency and amplitude and karaoke revolution, all were great music games on the ps2 that came out before singstar

pwneddemocrat2147d ago

Yes i know that, but what i hate is when people deny it. Nothing's wrong with getting ideas from other people and improving them, but to deny it and call it your own idea is damn right disrespectful.

I loved Super Smash and i will love this game i'm sure.
I just hate the people that are saying it's original. I'm a gamer and i give credit where credit is due.

BitbyDeath2147d ago

'dont forget about frequency and amplitude and karaoke revolution, all were great music games on the ps2 that came out before singstar'

ahh, i did forget. Have a bubble for the correction.

'Yes i know that, but what i hate is when people deny it.'

Yea, i agree. Super Smash is definetly the inspiration here.

TronEOL2147d ago

I think everyone is using the wrong word here. A "rip-off" is something that is more shameless. Playstation All-Stars is a take on a genre mastered by Nintendo. I can't really think of the proper word, but the idea is that one person/company puts one idea out there, and many try to challenge it.

But since Playstation All-Stars is on a different platform, it can't really directly challenge Super Smash Bros.

Anyhow, developers have been giving all genres a try since the gaming industry existed. So I'm really surprised everyone is getting so upset by this. Street Fighter, King of Fighters, BlazBlue and Guilty Gears are all practically the same game (2D Fighters). Same goes for Virtua Fighter, DOA and Tekken (3D Fighters). But they are all good games in their own right.

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supersonicjerry2147d ago

Smash Bros actually was both fun with friends and competitive. This game will just land in the fun with friends based off of everything so far.

rdgneoz32147d ago

"What the hell did he mean that Super Smash is not a fast-paced game?! That's journalistic dishonesty, the writer clearly have no knowledge or the slightest experience in Super Smash Bro."

If you played by stock/lives, you could literally run away and win at times. If someone got a mallet or the star, most people ran away to the other side of the map and hid from that. Hell, the ai at times would run across the map to find the poke balls to use on you. All that slows the games pace down a bit, running around the map hiding when your damage gets to high or to pick up items to use. And you could hide from others, kill the least amount of people and win as long as you were the last guy standing.

Though this does look more like a time match in SSB, this looks like its more of a, 'you have to go toe to toe' so that you can build up your super to kill people with and win. In SSB, regular attacks could kill people and you could easily do hit and run tactics when people got high on damage to take them out and then heal up (I remember tons of games playing with friends where I'd have the most damage done and one of the bottom for kills - yay for kill stealing...). Running away isn't gonna help you build it up faster and get points to win.

pwneddemocrat2147d ago

Dunno about you but when i played and a player got the star no body ran, they beat the crap out of him to make him drop the star.

It was always fast-paced, even the people who try to run end up fighting in a really fast action packed style because they cant run forever, there's always a mechanic to catch up to them.

Yea you can easily kill people in SSB, but not skilled ones. There are many defense and attack styles that make SSB intense and fast, yet hard.
This game seems to rely on ultimate or super or whatever it's called instead of skills.

What's the good of being a good player and landing combos when you can just punch repeatedly and gain a super to wipe everyone else? with no skill whatsoever.

Anyways, we cant judge based on those noobs that were playing on E3, i'll have to play it myself.

rdgneoz32147d ago

You attacked the guy who got the star that made them invincible for several seconds?


"If you can grab it, though, you'll be invulnerable to all attacks for a short time. In addition, no one will be able to grab or throw you, either."

And yes, SSB has a lot of defenses in the game. Defenses that help slow down the pace it make it take longer to kill people. Also, with some of the characters, it was easy to run away forever from people. There were no mechanics that made your character run faster if the other person avoided you for a while. And the article does mention the game has a dodge button, so just button mashing isn't gonna win it. And from the E3 stage demo, people who were getting the supers weren't always landing them and winning. You have to time it right and not just spam it.

TBM2146d ago

when the lead developer was interviewed on g4 while demoing the game he admitted he and his team were influenced by smash and the other smash ups out there.

and you know what he doesnt care what everyone says about it. he also said they are doing their own take on the genre so i dont see why everyone so hung up on this game being influenced by others.

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chrispen92147d ago

Nintendo ripped off Ratchet and Clank and the PSP Remote Play

ZeroWil2147d ago

Nintendo ripped off Ratchet and Clank? Indulge me (seriously curious here).

ZeroWil2146d ago

Ah, I see. I've only played a bit of the first two games, so I don't really remember any specific level designs. Thanks for the link.

smashcrashbash2147d ago

@ pwneddemocrat why are you so concerned about whether people admit something or not? SSB was never an original concept either but people jump to deny it too. Do you know how many people get angry and go into denial when anyone says that their were several games that were in the same genre as SSB.Why do people stomp around trying every which way to get people to admit who ripped off who and who copied who?

Nintendo took Sony's AR Cards idea and used them without a single rise from anyone. But every time anything even comes out for Sony that remotely resembles Nintendo we have to listen to the Sony, Nintendo copy story.SSB was not the first game to do what it did and the credit goes to others who did it before them. So careful when you say give credit where credit is due.

pwneddemocrat2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Dont get all mad dude. I dont gain money from saying Sony took from Nintendo. If i wanted to go by that logic i'd say every game copied from the one before and before and before, it's an endless cycle.

Not like we have many FPS and TPS and RPG and RTS games, i know companies copy lol that's not the issue here.
Besides i have the three consoles so i'm not a soldier to any of them in particular. I'm just saying that this author says that these two games arent alike, yet when he described this one, that description fits Super Smash very well.

And i dont want to get into an argument over who stole what and stuff, that's not the point here, the point is that the author of that article is lying.

Soldierone2147d ago

Who is denying it? Fans like me are simply calling it Sony Smash Bros, who cares. Its an idea, both are using the idea, I hope both are good. Well I hope Sony's is good since I know Smash Bros is already good.

I thought all this "they ripped off Nintendo!!!!!" crap would end after Nintendo showed off their Xbox 360 "Pro" controller......

smashcrashbash2147d ago

What does the guy mean no time for defense? If he doesn't defend then people will beat him up and get to the super faster then he does and if he doesn't defend how does he plan to escape the super attacks or any attack at all? Does he think everyone is just going to be standing there letting him hit them or not attack at all?

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