Dual Wii U GamePads Slow Games to 30fps

Confirmation of the Wii U’s dual GamePad support looked to be a highlight from Nintendo’s showing at E3 2012. But a new tweet from Satoru Iwata might signal otherwise.

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decrypt2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Well most console gamers dont know what a frame rate is and even then console gamers are used to 30fps of gameplay i dont see why this should be a problem.

Its generally a problem for people if the game keeps jumping between 30-60fps at which point most people can tell there seems to be some lag in the game. However if it is running at 30fps locked, then it shouldnt be a problem since console gamers are used to it.

Nathaniel_Drake2264d ago

I don't think the PS4 and 720 are going to be 30 fps normally and switching between the Wii U and those systems will show the difference.

reynod2264d ago

Switching between PC and Current consoles shows a large difference between FPS. Most people dont really care.

I think most games on PS4 and Xbox 720 will probably be running at 30fps, because they will want to max out the graphcis capabilities. Which will either mean 60fps and ok graphics or 30fps and good graphics most devs will choose the latter. As most people are fine with 30fps.

browngamer412264d ago

Exactly..most games of this gen run at no higher than 3o fps and this is only an issue with two or more tablets wich most people are not going to be using anyways..anyways I don't think the WiiU is underpowered at all,all of it's first gen releases look just as good as what 7th gen releases on the current gen..I seem to remember the 360 launching with games that looked no better than the previous gen and look where they are now in terms of graphics..

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Eyesoftheraven2264d ago

Way to move forward, Nintendo.

bahabeast2264d ago

i think using 2 is not needed, if two or more are gaming we shud all use the wii u pro controller ohh thats a sweet controller the best of the 360 and ps3 combined. the tablet controll shud be used for onli single player or when tv is in use.

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Grimhammer002264d ago

Oh....ok, then I guess your fine with the 2.5hrs to charge the gamepad - only to get 3.5hrs of use.

No problem. We fans are ok with garbage.

neutralgamer192264d ago

Spot on theirs a few nintendo bots left over after the subpar presentation tht still thnkganes like pikimon look next gen and the wii will be awesome. To them mediocrity and lies is awesome haha

browngamer412264d ago

Yeah the presentation was boring..but the WiiU is next gen and Pikmin looks great-maybe not completely next gen yet-but like I said above this is first gen stuff from the U and it already looks just as good as anything on other consoles which took quite a few software cycles to get to this point..keep on trucking troll..

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