E3: Is Dead Space 3 Not Horror Anymore?

The E3 demo of "Dead Space 3" was impressive, but it also suggested a new direction for the franchise that may be less than welcome.

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v0rt3x2261d ago

Actually - I'm willing to bet that you'd complain if DS3 would be purely horror - because given the fact that this is 2nd sequel - it would be "more of the same". So quit complaining and wait until the game is out. I'm sure it will be another blockbuster.

LOL_WUT2261d ago

After what i saw at EA's conference it looked more like action and less horror. Also that gun they used really proved that by wasting lots of bullets and not conserving ammunition.

ninjahunter2261d ago

Action survival, im fine with this. I feel like thats whats made deadspace 2 so great, the instantaneous thrill. Or knowing that something is going to try and kill you but you cant stop it.

Im excited to beat this with my friend.

Sevir2261d ago

scripted linear gameplay from Dead Space and that nothing has changed! This is clear when people complained that Uncharted 3 was more of the same as Uncharted 2, and the reaction to God of War:Ascension has been met with the same Meh! I've seen this 4 games ago! Honestly, some gamers are an interesting bunch! A dev makes something cool and they judge and rip it to shreds on a 2 minute video!

I Honestly cant wait to play this next Feb first by myself and then with my buddy!

dorron2260d ago

Everything is less scary when you are not alone...