80° E3 Exclusive: Far Cry 3 Features Jet Ski Racing writes: "Okay so it's not the most ground-breaking exclusive in the world, but we've literally just been fed a wonderful tidbit of information that has only served to increase our hunger for Ubisoft's forthcoming shooter Far Cry 3. We've known for quite some time that jet skis would feature in the game, however to date it has been kept under wraps that the title would actually feature a four player jet ski racing mini game as part of the co-operative multiplayer."

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TheSaint2230d ago

Four player co-op sounds awesome, I hope it's relatively fleshed out.

BEZZ2230d ago

FarCry 3 and Noisia feat Foreign Beggars very much approach to each other. And I solved and why not to make the stylish musical video. Enjoy yourselves!