Playstation Universe: Last of Us, Beyond and GoW Ascension are great, but Dust 514 is something else

We here at PSU have seriously underestimated Dust 514. At E3 today Don Oliveira and Steven Williamson spent the day at presentations and getting hands-on with all of Sony's first-party titles, including The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ascension and Beyond: Two Souls. But although those three titles do look incredible, their heads are still rattling after seeing the potential of CCP Games' MMO.

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v0rt3x1935d ago

Dust 514 is part of Eve-Online, which is something entirely different. <3

spunnups1934d ago

Dust514 looks like warhawk and battlefield mixed together from the few short videos ive seen, color me intrigued

WeskerChildReborned1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I haven't seen Beyond like any other game on the market. Though i'm looking forward to DUST 514.

execution171934d ago

^_^ can't wait for this to come out and it's going to be free which makes my wallet smile

Virtual_Reality1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Yes, I don't know why they didn't. But PlayStation did a small coverage with CCP and the new beta build:

Also they have their own E3 room:

P_Bomb1934d ago

100% it should've made the conference. Some on-stage demoing of the PS3/PC co-op. Something new, rather than the generic FarCry3 co-op demo I already know I'll never play. Could've had a SOE free-to-play segment, expand on the console/PC crossplay that started with Portal 2.

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