E3 2012: Sony Press Conference Roundup

Join Sunflower from DigitalNoob as he breaks down what Sony’s Press Conference at E3 2012 was all about.

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Virtual_Reality2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

This guy is not even a gamer, and if it is, I want to see what games he is excited for.

Christopher2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I'm not going to call you names, but you are not reviewing this subjectively and your opinion sucks on a lot of this because you not only look for things to criticize, but criticize for things not relevant/brought up during the conference. You made it a point to mock good announcements and criticize the games by comparing them to other games.


- Beyond looks just like Heavy Rain (mind-boggling on the assumption on gameplay there)
- Playstation All-Stars = Brawl
- PS Vita can play PSOne titles, so mock those who want to play FF7 on their PS Vita
- Talk about AC:Liberation and criticize Sony's memory cards
- Actually nice thoughts on AC3 ship combat (though it looked scripted and will only be a footnote)
- Far Cry 3 co-op "looked just fine"
- Same thing everyone says about Wonderbook (ironically, you spent the most time on this, just like Sony)
- God of War: Ascension looks the same as others
- The Last of Us "looked nice" but "slow and unusual" and doesn't understand the significance of the companion/enemy AI

And this is coming from the guy who has almost 3x more disagrees as agrees for saying he was also disappointed with Sony's E3 press conference (but for completely different reasons).

Sanquine902150d ago

You hate sony do you? Only critize.. This overview really sucked;)