Black Ops 2 goes tactical with Strike Force missions

IncGamers: Order troops about, or assume direct control.

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Downtown boogey2146d ago

An RTS-FPS mix is "meh" to you?
How many such games have you played?

v0rt3x2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

CoD is meh to me - after what? 9 sequels?

Don't tell me because they're "mixing" things and branding it as "new" - you're seriously going to buy into that.

Grimhammer002146d ago

While I do buy into this iteration of COD might be the biggest change to COD formula yet - I still find RTS in my fps meh.

And, with borderlands 2, moh 2, and I'm hoping crysis 3......I have no need for blops 2. Sad because this should really interest me. But I'm all spent on COD.

That likely will change as the size of the community is to me the biggest factor in getting into Cod.

But so far blops 2 is meh.