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Snookies122114d ago

Final Fantasy huh...? It looked good by all means, but didn't really have a "Final Fantasy" feel... Like... At all for me at least.

Reibooi2114d ago

It certainly had the visual style of a FF game but when I saw terrorists with AK's I thought the same thing. Still it looked stunning and if that really was real time I can't wait to see what they can make on next gen consoles with it.

Snookies122114d ago

Oh yeah, visually it was indeed like a Final Fantasy, but something about the whole feel of terrorists with AK's, and the environment kinda felt awkward trying to stick a Final Fantasy name on it.

Not sure exactly how to explain it, but I do agree if this was real time, that's very impressive.

Hisiru2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"can't wait to see what they can make on next gen consoles with it."

Another linear game with no exploration or character customization and lack of some important RPG elements.

Seriously. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 7, 6, 8 gameplay is dead. I don't play final fantasy for the graphics, I play it because I want a RPG experience.

Now I enjoy playing Final Fantasy 1 remake for the PSP because it has all the RPG elements I love but I can't play Final Fantasy XIII for more than 5 minutes.

I am glad we have games like:
Demon's Soul, Xenoblade, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect 2 etc.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32113d ago

Finally everyone can get a glimpse into what next gen will offer. But I'm sure there will be the zealots that will cling to their old hardware, lmao. 'tis pathetic actually...

dark-hollow2114d ago

"didn't really have a "Final Fantasy" feel"

what is this final fantasy feel?
FF games went from medieval fantasy worlds to high tech machines and guns and everything in between.

i really wish we get back to the medieval-like settings. these futuristic settings are getting overdone with ff lately.

TheLyonKing2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I think if you go on GT retrospective and look at the final episode of the final fantasy retrospective it tells you all the things that make final fatasy final fantasy.

It's just a trailer so things arn't known but:
No chocobos
No Moogles
No Airship
Realistic Guns
If that thing they created was a summon they should have made it look like bahamut so it had more of a feel,

But like I said it's just a trailer who knows what it will actually be like. Not disagreeing with you as like I said its just a trailer with very little info.

Capt-FuzzyPants2113d ago


I think the crystal is a major thing in FF games and that was in there. It looked like there were summons so i think it's alright. But right now we dont even know if its gonna materialize into a game or if its just a tech demo.

DaThreats2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Where's Final Fantasy 13vs?

Mac is OK2114d ago

Aside from the stunning visuals, the trailer tells a better story than any recent Final Fantasy. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come for Square.

Godmars2902114d ago

Its not graphics that's their problem its telling a story.

Or rather, graphics has become a problem for them in telling a story. It and character over-dramatization rather than development.

colonel1792114d ago

Actually their problem is not releasing games they announce and games fans want. They already have a tech demo for next generation and where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Where is Kingdom Hearts 3 which has been begged from fans and instead they have released like 3 or 4 KH games in other consoles as spin offs?

Their other biggest problem is that they are obsessed with trying to appeal to western audiences that they teamed up with MS and have been not worth it at all. Not ONE exclusive PS3 game from them this generation.

And the absolute biggest problem is still having Wada as president. As long as he is there, Square Enix will be in a free fall to mediocrity.

izumo_lee2114d ago

So supposedly some of this tech is already being used for FF vs.13..well the lighting engine at least. Of course this is all CG visuals which Squarenix is well known for so other than being pretty not much else.

Remember the last time they did a tech demo to excite us? Not holding my breath just yet.

pwneddemocrat2114d ago

Yea, I'm still hoping for that FF VII remake .. one day i tell myself, one day.

life doomer2114d ago

all of its real time actually. Do some research and you'll know.

Breadisgood2114d ago

When you say "CG visuals" do you mean pre-rendered? Because this is apparently being rendered in real time.

If it's true then it's pretty ridiculous, and it's obviously not going be on the current gen.

As for people saying it doesn't have a Final Fantasy feel - I can understand where you're coming from with the whole "dudes with AK's" thing but it still looks like Final Fantasy to me. I mean, what exactly is a Final Fantasy "theme"? They all have completely different worlds with different themes. I like the look of this.

Lovable2114d ago

"If it's true then it's pretty ridiculous, and it's obviously not going be on the current gen. :

This. With our current tech..that is extremely not possible at all...

fr0sty2114d ago

Did you not see the "REAL TIME" in the beginning? It's a tech demo for their new engine.

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