Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Fails To Impress

Oh Nintendo, you seem to be on a two year streak of disappointment. The Lost Level's Christina is sure Nintendo fan boys and girls had their fingers crossed with anticipation awaiting something new and exciting to be announced. Currently those fans are probably crying and feeling a bit of a cold shoulder from Nintendo. No Zelda, Smash Bros, or any other kind of classic Nintendo nostalgia to get them excited about Wii U.

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Skateboard2230d ago

Maybe I was too hyped for it.

Fel082230d ago

"E3 2012 Press Conferences Fail To Impress"


2230d ago
Summons752230d ago


MS and Sony disappointed me equally.

DivineAssault 2230d ago

The rumors had ppl get their hopes up on all ends.. Nintendo hasnt gained any NEW 3rd party support & the support they do have wont risk time & resources into making a game that utilizes it to its full potential.. 3rd party games RARELY sell well on nintendo platforms & before the system shows promise, they will play it safe.. As for them, If they think the core audience wants games theyve played months ago, theyre sorely mistaken.. If they think casuals want HD wii games, theyre sorely mistaken.. Maybe Nintendo fans will end up happy with Wii U but some (myself included) wont budge til Zelda & Metroid show some AMAZING feats..