6 awkward moments from the E3 press conferences

GamesBeat's Evan Killham: "It's hard to report the news when your eyes refuse to look at the event you're covering."

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THR1LLHOUSE2175d ago

It probably would've saved time just to say "All of Ubisoft's conference."

STONEY42175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Until Watch Dogs came out of nowhere and made that whole conference worth it.

But that host... I'll never forget "girl wood".

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2175d ago

Had to stop watching both those guys. I just turned the channel. when I turned back they were showing Watch Dogs.

a_squirrel2175d ago

Watch Dogs looked sweet. The rest of the conference was a blur. I think there was Assassin's Creed somewhere in there, somehow running through an army and killing the general?

davidfca2175d ago

Nothing will ever touch the 2003 Nintendo press conference. I wrote up a story on that one for back in the day that was so cruel I couldn't bring myself to publish it in the end.

Summons752175d ago

Psh Tobuscus took the awesome Ubisoft conference and made it better. The annoying black lady who seemed like she didn't want to be there held the show back

I agree with the rest of the list though

AbyssGravelord2175d ago

They were both incredibly terrible.

marioPSUC2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

I didn't like either but would have rather have had the chick than the toby guy. He was incredibly annoying and not funny at all. Of course she wasn't that funny either but everything from Toby was just awkward and annoying.

Chuk52175d ago

Umm the 3ds portion of the Nintendo press conference.

I feel bad for that dude, getting squeezed out even though he had some cool games to show. IT was so unbearably scripted, ugh I hope the 3ds showcase is good.

live2play2175d ago

just dance 4 segement
batman arkham segment
nintendo land segment

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The story is too old to be commented.