E3 2012: 25 Minute Beyond: Two Souls Demo

25 minutes of the new announced Beyond: Two Souls.

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Pandemic2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Wow, awesome footage!

Nitrowolf22264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

This plays exactly like Heavy Rain, which I have absolutely no issue with. Seems like this will be an excellent title to own.

Edited: Just finished it. Everything about this demo is amazing. Beside the one graphic glitch on the cop face, it just wows me with how much it's improved. Even though it's cam footage. I'm guessing it's the environment and setting that really makes this shine.

creatchee2264d ago

Here is my problem: Quantic Dream has near LIMITLESS potential as a developer to craft gaming experiences. However, this looks like another Heavy Rain in terms of control. I liked Heavy Rain a lot, but the fact is, it's mainly an on-rails QTE game. Yes, there are other things to do and such, but the majority of the gameplay is QTE-centric.

I want to see Quantic Dream take the rails off and put the QTE's away and make an experience that feels like the player is FULLY in control - not slave to timed-button mashing and stick wiggling. I want to see their amazing tech showcased in something immersive that doesn't feel like you're watching a movie, or even in a movie. I want them to make a game. A bonafide game. That may not be necessarily their mission, but that is what I want.

I'll still end up buying this, and I'll most likely enjoy it. But the fact is, I've seen what Quantic Dream can do with this manner of control before - now I want to see them realize and do something completely different and awe-inspiring like I know they are capable of.

TCG_Returns2263d ago


Im sorry, but, what you just said makes no sense what-so-ever.

I`m too tired to get into some stupid debate but how can this be considered an on rails games whereas other games arent? You have full control at all times, it`s only QTE during interactions or fights etc.QTE`s are just pushing buttons and moving analog sticks, how, is that different from other games?.You say you dont want to push buttons and wiggle the analog stick..well, what are you doing in other games?

You want them to make an imersive game..but you don`t want to look like a movie..

i dunno man..just..a lot of contradictions coming from you..

creatchee2263d ago

Are you honestly trying to say that a QTE is the same as controlling any other game? So COD, Uncharted, Tekken, Flight Simulator, and Pac-Man are all the same, control-wise, as Heavy Rain, Beyond, and Dragon's Lair?

There are exploration segments where you have control over character movement - that's given. But, as you said yourself, all of the fighting and interactions are handled through QTE's. You know - all of the traditional gameplay elements? And yes, you are on rails just as much in those sections as you are in a minecart level of a shooter. It's just a different, prettier set of rails.

I'm not contradicting myself and I know exactly what I said. But since you can't understand that, I'll put it bluntly - I want Quantic Dream to make a game that DOESN'T HEAVILY RELY ON QTE's and still has the same level of quality as their previous efforts because they can do amazing things.

I'm not hating on this game, Heavy Rain, or Quantic Dream. I just want something different out of them.

inveni02263d ago

You know what? I don't like sports games, so I don't play sports games. I also don't then go into threads about sports games and talk about how bad they are because I don't like them.

If you don't like the interactive drama genre, then I'm sure you can find another game out there that has aiming reticules and reload buttons.

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Thatguy-3102264d ago

I would love to see a horror game with this gameplay mechanic. Male it happen QD

TheKindRoost2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

ellen page on a road king harley, you can tell this is going to be an amazing experience.

vividi2264d ago

yeah she is such a bad ass

megaworm252264d ago

wow that looks fantastic

Nathaniel_Drake2264d ago

Couldn't stop watching. AWESOME GAME!!!

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