PSXE Dragon's Dogma Review: Me And My Pawns vs. The World

Capcom's massive title is full of dragons and other beautifully drawn and animated beasts. There are some definite problems, but this adventure still stands apart.

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MysticStrummer2263d ago

On my third playthrough at level 99 and still loving the game, though I hope they either patch in a way to up the difficulty, make the harder monsters more common, or let the tougher endgame creatures show up during the regular story. The game does have some technical issues, but I have so much fun with it I don't notice them much. I hope there will be a sequel that expands and improves on this great game.

JAMurida2263d ago

Still remains my number one issue with the game is the lack of difficulty/New Game+ mobs being harder. If only they would replace every normal mob with the endgame versions (Grimgoblin, Hellhound, etc...), make them have more HP/STR/DEF/buffed AND scale them to your level, this game would be SOOO much better in terms of replay value. Also make every big mob (Cyclops, Gorchimera, Wight) have full bubbles of HP like Dragons do.

Only thing that doesn't die instantly is Ur-Dragon, (Generation 57 on PS3 atm).