E3 2012: The F-Zero Franchise Joins the Nintendo Land Line-Up

One by one, Nintendo Land's 12 different attractions are being revealed. This morning's press conference confirmed the first five, and tonight, during the company's developer discussion meeting, we've just learned the sixth: F-Zero.

That's right, after an absence from home consoles since 2003, Nintendo's futuristic racing franchise is finally being recognized once again. F-Zero's mini-game in Nintendo Land will involve your Mii character hopping into the cockpit of a hovercraft racer like Captain Falcon's and doing your best to race toward the finish line while avoiding obstacles on the track like spinning tornado traps.

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mike1up2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Wow... so this is how the F-Zero franchise dies. I never would've guessed it.

Well maybe not, I guess this means that F-Zero is on Nintendo's minds (finally!).

ChickeyCantor2113d ago

I think this "Nintendoland" is meant to introduce some "titles" to new comers. Those who like these mini games, might actually look at the individual games when they hit store.

So yeah, Nintendo better bring F-zero.

eagle212113d ago

Exactly, this means F-Zero is coming! Ha, now we're talking WiiU....