WWE '13 Isn't At E3 2012

Cory Ledesma has finally confirmed that WWE '13 will not appear at E3 2012.

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DC19802149d ago

That sucks. I was hoping to see more of WWE 13.

CoryHG2149d ago

Who cares? I hope THQ cancels this franchise.

ravenl0rd2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Right, they will cancel their biggest cash cow. Activision will cancel Call of Duty and EA will cancel Madden. This is the franchise that is keeping them afloat. They really don't have anything else other than Darksiders, and that isn't a proven franchise yet.

Sarobi2149d ago

THQ cancelling WWE games?, lol that would be suicide for them.

Blax2149d ago

You mean the game Shamus was just interviewed about and played on G4's coverage?

kingofgames86u2149d ago

thq probably wont even be around by 2014