Ubisoft explains Watch Dogs' tablet features

Ubisoft has shed some light on the mysterious tablet features in Watch Dogs, the game that has swiftly become one of E3's major talking points.

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Psychotica2235d ago

Sounds good, my Ipad will be ready..

Hufandpuf2235d ago

Nice! Also I suggest getting an iPad or smartphone over a wii u controller because an iPad and smartphone can do more than just play games.

LightofDarkness2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

You're right. More to that, MS is right, and it seems the publishers are catching on too. How do they kill the WiiU? Make sure that its unique selling point is not only redundant, but done better on your own machine.

Smartglass works on just about every tablet, while the WiiU controller only does WiiU.

Yes, it's too early to predict doom and gloom, but I have a feeling Nintendo are in for a bad surprise...

Hisiru2235d ago

You need to pause the game in order to use Smartglass, you can't use it in real time and that's why it will never be similar to the WiiU's capabilities.

LightofDarkness2235d ago

For now, Hisiru. I'm sure it's only a taster of what's in store once the 360's successor rolls out.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32235d ago

Let me get this straight. People should go out and buy a $400 iPad for this game? I don't know if this is confirmed for Wii U but that's what I would spend $400 on, since Wii U is a full blown gaming device, lol. But maybe I'm reading your comment wrong?

Hufandpuf2235d ago

Not solely for the game, but it'd be nice to have anyway over a wiiU. Think about it, with a wiiU controller, you can only play games. But with an iPad or other tablet you may already have, you don't have to get a whole other console.

Same for the vita since the vita is essentially the same as a wiiu controller but can still be used for other things too.

And btw, this game is not coming to the wiiU.

Grimhammer002235d ago

No. Your reading it right I think.
But he's implying quite correctly, that many of us gamers also have smart phones or tablets already. And smart glass is an app....a serious WiiU killer in sheeps clothing.

But...I still see Sony as the best option. This tablet non-sense is diversionary to gameplay on your tv. Who wants to look done at a controller to see a HUD map? Or perhaps some other gameplay idea?

Same goes for movies....Apples AirPlay does smart glass already, as does several apps. The fact that MS smart glass can stream actor bios or maps of areas in realtime to what your incredibly lame. I'm watching a movie....but looking at my tablet too?

Ever had your friend yap to you during a movie? Or try reading a book while absently following a tv show? Both are annoyances. But now MS wants you to believe its hip.

People don't fall for it.

ginsunuva2235d ago

A tablet and the Wii U controller are as similar as a camera and a cellphone. They're not alternatives to each other dumba$$.

Or are you just really good a trolling?

bahabeast2235d ago

soo i will be able to use tablet intergration with my ps3 also?? the reason microsoft went with all o/s is because they have no portable hardware of thier own, sony could do the same but they want people to buy vita's. sony sony sony microsoft just trumped you and nintendo sum what.

modesign2235d ago

let me go buy a $600-800 ipad just to use with one game.

Hufandpuf2235d ago

Or just use your smartphone.

juaburg2235d ago

Feeling a bit sad... Dont want nintendo to do badly. Its solely a gaming company... But lets see what happens.