Crystal Dynamics Teaming Up with Also Pre E3 Tomb Raider Trailer [KKEnt]

Kuma Wrote: There is no much content and now the pre E3 trailer of the new Tomb Raider game coming out next year and proud to show it too you all with screen-shots. The best news so far is the collaboration of and Crystal Dynamics starting a worldwide real world treasure hunt to promote the release of this upcoming title. This collaboration for future geocachers or fans of the Tomb Raider games will be able to feel like Lara Croft as an explorer. How will they obtain this feeling you ask? Well Crystal Dynamics will be using both the traditional treasure hunting format, as well as Groundspeak’s latest photo-based adventure project, Geocaching Challenges. I like this idea because it gives gamers that positive look in how a video game can teach you to expand outside of fantasy and get in touch with a bit of reality.

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