E3: Harmonix 'Ushers' Dance Central 3 onto Xbox 360

See for yourself as Microsoft and game developer Harmonix gives 2012 E3 attendees a treat as Grammy-winning R&B artist Usher takes the stage during the Xbox 360 press briefing in Los Angeles.

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SavageKuma2297d ago

Honestly there should of been gameplay with his performance. I know he was trying to promote his album but this is not the MTV music awards. He could of showed off the skills of DC 3 with him being a performance artist. That would of been great to see.

SactoGamer2297d ago

There is gameplay footage. It hits at roughly 3:29 into the video.

SavageKuma2297d ago

Thats not him playing, they should of X'd the performance and fully play the game from beginning to end.

Tuxmask552297d ago

I saw this live. I don't know much about the game, but I liked the performance.

Stealthypengui2297d ago

This should not take place at a gaming convention, this put me in physical pain to watch.

PirateThom2297d ago

It didn't cause me pain but between this, that SmartGlass thing that already exists and the Nike ad they had in the middle, I felt they wasted too much time on nonsense instead of games.

SactoGamer2297d ago

I agree on most points -- especially on the Nike ad-type presentation.

majiebeast2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

*Microsoft conference room*

Phil Harrison: I know im the new guy here and all, but at playstation we always showed games and the press and gamers seemed to love that.
Don Mattrick:How about this we rush through the coregames then spend 20 minutes talking about smartglass and finish it off with Usher on stage singing and dancing without even showing the game he is promoting.

Phil Harrison: I told you so /trollface.

optimus2297d ago

Well they did show off his moves along with the game, granted it took a while to get there but they got there. As far as the promotion of the game I would have thought they would have used someone who has more than 1 song in the game like lady gaga, but usher only has 2...for now.

As big as a dance central fan as i am i didn't see much improvement from the 2nd one, adding usher and his routine could have easily been done as a download like they have been doing...well, this one will most likely be a "used" buy for me.

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