Watch Dogs gameplay from E3 2012, has been enhanced in a video, showing further its great graphics

Watch Dogs unveiled at E3 2012, was cast in a play teaser site a video that apparently shows the graphical power of the game. It may be somewhat surprising is not true, they appeared to be the next generation.

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Thatguy-3102303d ago

Wonder how the console versions will look like.

starchild2303d ago

Well, of course they won't look as good as this. But that isn't to say that they won't look amazing. Ubisoft wouldn't be bringing the game to PS3 and 360 if they didn't think they could do a decent job of it.

These graphics, along with Crysis 3 and Star Wars 1313 were the best graphics at E3. Tomb Raider and The Last of Us were also very impressive.

Pintheshadows2303d ago

Add Beyond to that list as the gameplay video is massively impressive.

jonboi242303d ago

This is near next gen level graphics. Its so amazing, I wish I had a high end PC that can run this game so amazingly.

Scizz2303d ago

Wait, so what exactly is this article saying? Is it that press conference demo didn't show the full graphical power? This google translate is messing me up. :(

banjadude2303d ago

Just so you know, the demo presenter said that the game is running on a "high-end Nvidia PC".

Pandamobile2303d ago

Accidentally disagreed with you. And so everyone knows, his statement is correct.

2303d ago
josephayal2303d ago

PS3 chip powers world's most powerful computer,i thing The PS3 can handle WATCH DOGS in FULL 1080P without any problems

Pandamobile2303d ago

Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

reznik_zerosum2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

gaming pc 2006 owns ps3

r212302d ago

dude, the ps3 is powerful yes but limited. no way can it run 1080p without losing visual quality. 720p at most is what i can this game running on ps3, not as great as the oh so obviously more powerful pc.

modesign2302d ago

all the 360 trolls and pc noobs will still claim the ps3 is not powerful. in 2007, the ps3 was the only technology with 8 cores, pc's are now just starting to use 8 cores. sad but true.

ninjahunter2302d ago

Its not 8 cores, Its 1 core with 8 SPEs which are notably weaker than cores. Its based off old server technology that has stopped being used because its inconvenient and outdated. A decent modern dual core CPU can process about the same Payload as a ps3 spec cell processor.

Its fact, numbers dont lie.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2303d ago

While I was watching the demo at E3, the one thing going through my mind was "this looks as good as Heavy Rain". I would consider that an achievement, honestly. Then, I found out it was running on a PC. -_-

Fez2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

As good? More like 10x better. You said this in another article and I'm not sure what you're trying to get across... that you should have gone to Specsavers? I mean Heavy Rain is a good looking game but it's not considered the graphical benchmark by which games are compared.

MySwordIsHeavenly2302d ago

It's not the graphical benchmark. I'd say Battlefield 3, Metro 2033, Crysis (with mods), and GTA IV (with mods) are the best looking games out there. (PC versions only, of course) I just think it's easier to compare the art style of Watch Dogs with Heavy Rain. Obviously, it was cleaner in parts, especially because of the lighting effects. It's not 10x better looking though. Heavy Rain is gorgeous!

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