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Submitted by gaminoz 1343d ago | opinion piece

E3 2012: Other Conferences do what Nintendon’t: Nintendo makes a U-turn


"With Nintendo having already teased us with a pre-E3 video (showing us the Gamepad redesign along with the announcement of Miiverse and the prayer-answering Pro controller) the gaming world held their breath for some real surprises...

Thus far, Nintendo have had the least surprising press conference of E3 2012. And that’s saying a lot!" (3DS, Casual games, E3, Industry, Mario Wii U, Nintendo, Wii U)

gaminoz  +   1343d ago

But it's true. It wasn't very impressive at all. The games are all the same with a Wii U Zombie game to again try and look 'mature' after all.

Overall there have been NO real surprises from MS, Sony or Nintendo this year.

But then, does it matter if we still have lots of games to play? :)
stragomccloud  +   1343d ago
The real winner was Ubisoft.
That said, I've already started putting money away for Wii U~
BadCircuit  +   1343d ago
I just can't see Wii U taking off.

I think they are employing the same strategy as with the Wii in hopes it works, but smartphones have taken casuals now, and even the TV remote and tablet idea isn't enough.

3DS should do even better though I think this year.
Belgavion  +   1343d ago
Nintendoland or whatever it was is sort of a surprise....surprisingly dull!
BadCircuit  +   1343d ago
Yes the whole line up is dull.

Some titles not listed in the article though were Assassin's Creed 3, Rayman Legends, and Marvel Avengers
psychof0x  +   1343d ago
I was so bored and unimpressed during the Nintendo conference that I became angry.

Not good at all :(
shintowave123   1343d ago | Spam
DivineAssault  +   1343d ago
gaminoz  +   1343d ago
I was the biggest N fan too back in the N64 day. I even loved the Gamecube and sucker that I am bought Wii.

I'm not touching this system.
neutralgamer19  +   1343d ago
I was hoping for so much more honestly but why buy a system tht is playing catch up and isnt really next gen? I agree with you whole heartedly. Its a shame i was expecting like a mario 64 type mario 3d game with crazt 3d graphics but we got a mario wii hd
Jagsrock  +   1343d ago
There is obviously going to be a new 3d mario, and other AA first party titles you are naive if you think otherwise. This is just the beginning, NSMB sold amazingly well its only natural they start out with another one. Just because they didn't show the AAA titles at e3 doesn't mean it's not already in development.
Blacksand1  +   1343d ago
Like i said the other day how many soccer mom's going to buy the WiiU they already have the old Wii. You can do almost do the same stuff as the Wii, he said you can use your Wii remote but you have the net. Nintendo trying to go after the the hardcore gamer but you have MS and Sony for that. O i mean only Sony for hardcore games
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DeusExer  +   1343d ago
I wasn't that impressed at all. I just feel as if Nintendo are a bit too focussed on the so called "casual" market, as opposed to "hardcore" gaming.

I've got no doubt the Wii U will ship massive amounts of units, but I just don't see how it could compete with the powerhouses of MS and Sony.

Developers and whatnot who have seen the Wii U have been left wanting more from the hardware, so in my opinion I believe that Nintendo needed to reveal more exclusive games that could rival the graphically-enhanced games of both MS and Sony.
majiebeast  +   1343d ago
Nintendo couldve stayed home with what they showed.
Jagsrock  +   1343d ago
So much unnecessary weight is placed in E3 and everyone is now on the Wii U is garbage bandwagon but just wait till footage/Info of the AAA titles they have in development is released, words will be eaten.
Skynetone  +   1343d ago
Nintendo e3 was a joke, the only saving grace is the controller, it looks to be bringing some very cool things to the wiiu, an aliens game with all the red dots coming towards you would be slick

reggie just get off the dame stage when you introduce a 3 party developer nobody wants to listen to your scripted bs
MrMister  +   1343d ago
Nintendo screwed up for the last time. Peace out, i'm done. Not even the 3ds can save them in my eyes. This was their worst e3 ever, and I wouldnt be surprised if investors decided to pull away their investments. Even fans are pulling away. Iwata is the only constant that's been around ever since the downfall of Nintendo (and I dont give a damn about the Wii's sales--Wii is not a real gaming console--it takes more than 6-8 REAL good games to be worthy of the title).

I realise it now: Nintendo of the NES and SNES days is long gone. Iwata isnt going anywhere, and neither is Nintendo in the eyes of real gamers. Even Casuals dont understand what the hell the wii U is trying to be. SMH.
AWBrawler  +   1343d ago
Okay calm down and count to 10 before typing there, buddy. you good?

Nintendo's E3 wasn't what I expected either, but come on, there is a whole other showcase tomorrow, and we know they have more games than what was shown in the works. There's even Rumored new Nintendo IPs. Give it time. Don't bash it before it even launches, thats how people end up eating their words
ShaunCameron  +   1343d ago
<I realise it now: Nintendo of the NES and SNES days is long gone. Iwata isnt going anywhere, and neither is Nintendo in the eyes of real gamers. Even Casuals dont understand what the hell the wii U is trying to be. SMH.>

Umm. Nintendo always been about the wider audience. The only reason why the NES and the Super NES were deemed hardcore was namely because of the contributions of Capcom, Konami, Squaresoft, etcetera. You got a real perception problem.
TheDivine  +   1343d ago
Best thing they showed was after when they announced theat game from the dudes who made Okami (platinum and the other guy). That was the type of cool creative game i want to see that i ususally only see on nintendo systems. More like that, less like wii fit and nintendoland (i guess its fine its for kids like disneyland kinect but dont focus e3, the core gamers show on that bullshit. little timmy and suzy are 4 and 5 they dont watch e3). Scribblenauts looks awesome also. Its one hell of a game and im excited to see it in hd with the dual screens.

Now it needs to be said. WHERE THE F*** was Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Zelda, SSB, Kid Icarus, and maybe a new rpg? Wont buy a wii-u until i see those or a shitload of good 3rd party exclusives (not ports).

Did you guys see reggie trying to tell dude that Arkham City is a new game cause it uses the wii-u controller? I wanted to smack him so hard. If the interviewer had any balls he wouldve called him on that shit. NO REGGIE, releasing year/2 year old games with new contols is called a PORT! Old games are OLD GAMES!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1343d ago
It was lackluster and Sony won IMO.
(While I don't care about God of War, I do love Heavy Rain developer and the preview of Beyond.
I also thought that the Tech behind the Book of Spells was nicely executed.)

At least we learned that Nintendo plans a strong Online presence. And that it will work on Mobile devices like the PS Mobile and Smart Glass.

And there was a Hint that WiiVerse will be a kind of MMO.


Some of the ports I have not played so I am happy. And ZombiU seems interesting... I just hope that each life is connected in someway or that their is a twist.
(Some people have pointed out the the ZombiU and the Reggie Stunt may have something to do with characters in the game...)

But if Nintendo's goal was to impress the "Core" they missed the mark- it was near impossible anyway.

Anyway, I can't wait for WiiU! 2 Ports, Aliens, Darksiders, AC and ZombiU till Zelda and Samus show-up is fine with me.

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