E3 2012: Other Conferences do what Nintendon’t: Nintendo makes a U-turn


"With Nintendo having already teased us with a pre-E3 video (showing us the Gamepad redesign along with the announcement of Miiverse and the prayer-answering Pro controller) the gaming world held their breath for some real surprises...

Thus far, Nintendo have had the least surprising press conference of E3 2012. And that’s saying a lot!"

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gaminoz2299d ago


But it's true. It wasn't very impressive at all. The games are all the same with a Wii U Zombie game to again try and look 'mature' after all.

Overall there have been NO real surprises from MS, Sony or Nintendo this year.

But then, does it matter if we still have lots of games to play? :)

stragomccloud2299d ago

The real winner was Ubisoft.
That said, I've already started putting money away for Wii U~

BadCircuit2299d ago

I just can't see Wii U taking off.

I think they are employing the same strategy as with the Wii in hopes it works, but smartphones have taken casuals now, and even the TV remote and tablet idea isn't enough.

3DS should do even better though I think this year.

Belgavion2299d ago

Nintendoland or whatever it was is sort of a surprise....surprisingly dull!

BadCircuit2299d ago

Yes the whole line up is dull.

Some titles not listed in the article though were Assassin's Creed 3, Rayman Legends, and Marvel Avengers

psychof0x2299d ago

I was so bored and unimpressed during the Nintendo conference that I became angry.

Not good at all :(

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The story is too old to be commented.