E3 2012: Hands On: Wii U Pro Controller

Joel Taveras writes, "On Sunday, Nintendo announced the existence of the Wii U Pro Controller. A paddle for gamers looking for a more “core” experience on the upcoming Wii U. While it certainly looks similar to other controllers we’ve become all too familiar with, it does feature quite a few differences as well."

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Yi-Long2303d ago

... so I hope they can still fix those issues before it's released.

2303d ago
DivineAssault 2303d ago

every step they seem to be making forward, they end up taking 2 back.. smh.. during sundays pre e3 show, i really thought they had it & finally were stepping it up..

PopRocks3592303d ago

The Gamecube controller was my first controller with a second control stick that was not Sony's. About twenty minutes after playing with it and I was used to it right away. I reckon the same thing applies here.

stuntman_mike2303d ago

I get the feeling thier still in development stage with the Wii U and its Periphirals, as in a long way away from finishing it when its supposed to come out at the end of october, early november.

I wouldnt be surprised if they release it next year sometime.

mike1up2303d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

It wouldn't be a bad idea, but Nintendo cannot wait too much longer. It might p!ss off a lot of developers who were counting on holiday sales. Not to mention that the WiiU has seen 2 E3's already.

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